Family of Marvin Gaye will Pharrell Williams, is back to sue after the interview

The family of Marvin Gaye will have the plagiaatzaak up against Pharrell Williams ‘ new back to life after the recent decisions by the producer. According to the next of kin of the deceased, the singer, is what Williams said recently in an interview with GQ at right angles to the court, under oath, claimed to be, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke was involved in a long legal battle with the family of Gaye over the hit song Blurred Lines. This song seemed to be in accordance with the next of kin too close to Gaye’s hit Got to Give It Up. By 2018, needed to Thicke and Williams in the amount of five million dollars changed hands.

Williams said at the time of the trial, that he was not in the studio, it was started with the intention to make something that sounded like, or felt like the work of Gaye. In an interview with GQ says of Williams, however, his experiences with reverse engineering, where existing songs that made him get breaks, and have a similar ‘feel’ and creates his own music. “I wanted to create something which is not exactly the same, sounded like it, but you do have the same feeling,” he says of the process.

With “Blurred Lines” came out I was in trouble,” says Williams in the interview. According to the family of Gaye, this is the evidence written in the court of law for lying. “The question is whether Got To Give It Up to the head of Williams was when he made Blurred Lines” was was at the heart of the case. This is the fact that it is very important to answer the question, or the one that Williams and Thicke Got To Give It Up deliberately and intentionally copied. In this interview, pick his prior sworn statements to wriggle out of,” according to a statement from the family.

Blurred Lines was in 2013, is one of the biggest international hits of the year. It was not long before the release there was also criticism of the album, as the lyrics of the song misogynistic, it would have been. William recently said in an interview with GQ that he was now ashamed of the lyrics of older songs and Blurred Lines take a look at the sexism has changed.

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