‘Family doctors offer the new method, not because of shortage of money’

Many general practitioners offer a new method not to, turns out Saturday from research of the television Monitor (KRO-NCRV).

There is too little money available to the method, the so-called combined leefstijlinterventie (GLI), good for the 3.5 million people who qualify, according to the doctors.

The program is part of the National Preventieakkoord of the Government and on January 1 started. Secretary of state Paul Blokhuis of Health wants with a new two-year leefstijlprogramma in the basic medical insurance people, free of charge, healthier to learn to live with.

The over one hundred regional power of care groups causes (associations of general practitioners) would contract arrangements with the health insurers and must ensure a supply of leefstijlcoaches. The Monitor did a phone tour of eighty power of care groups causes and about the half thereof, the GLI will not offer in January.

According to The Monitor, doctors of the national budget is much too limited. There may be too few people to be helped. It is also unclear what happens if the budget is exceeded.

Log cabin late in response know that the program is still not running well

Secretary of state Cabin late in a response on the television to know that the method is not yet good. “We see that on 1 January 2019 in any case, not the flying start that we had hoped for. But I span me in to it in 2019 (…) to make it a success. That will in some regions later than planned.”

The budgetplafond should not, according to Blokhuis no stumbling block: “It is not a hard ceiling. If it turns out that this is a success and we spend more money for a book, then we’re going to that call,” said Blokhuis against The Monitor.

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