Family constellations: ‘now I know for sure is that I have an unborn twin sister was

icipating in a family constellation, it is becoming more and more popular. This method will attempt to uncover how the patterns of which as a child you have learned in your adult life can take care of. That can provide valuable insights to the benefits, say participants in. There has been criticism as well. “If there is a family constellation can be all sorts of things and just be filled in for the missing members of the family.”

Ilonka Hennekeij-Brakman, ran its whole life with a feeling she couldn’t place it. “I have often felt alone, as I have a very nice family, come and now have a great family I have.” She got the feeling that they have a alleengeboren twins could be. “I overheard a conversation between two counselors who are talking about it and recognized myself in this,” she said. Since her mother passed away and her dad doesn’t know, she decided to take over a family constellation to find out if they are in the womb, indeed, was part of a pair of twins.

It’s not the only one who is using this way to look for the answers. Although the family constellations are not within the mainstream of mental health service offerings, is in the last few years, becoming more and more popular. The Bert Hellinger Institute of education and centre of expertise for long-term systemic work, which is named after its founder, has spent the past two decades, a doubling of the number of training courses to familieopsteller seen.

The place is within the family unit

A family constellation is a method that can be used to patterns as well as to uncover and gain insight into the behaviour, or emotions. Here is a look at the place that you occupy in your family. The founder of the German therapist Bert Hellinger, who is his own philosophy developed. Major events, such as war or the death of a child, according to him, the generations that were still working.

In a family constellation, all participants are in a certain place in a room lined up. She is representing the family of one of the participants. By looking at how a person of his or her family members, has been drawn up, for example, whether someone is near or far away, you can get an insight in to the relationship. During installation it is common for participants to sudden emotions as grief, or anxiety that would be associated with the family members they represent. So, for example, to indicate that the person is too far away or too close for comfort feel, or that they will not be able to watch it.

“How is that possible, until now, no-one can explain it,” said Bibi Schreuder and co-founder of the Bert Hellinger institute. She added: ‘it would appear that people are instinctively a lot of sense.”

Not a cure, but a method of

In family constellations usually take the form of a single session. “But,” says Schreuder, “a family constellation is not a treatment but a method to get the patterns to uncover. The process of change begins only after that. If you are aware of the pattern, you can actually choose to do something about it.”

Why family constellations is now so popular, it can be Schreuder, is not exactly explained. “The sub-conscious mind is, in the last few years more and taken more seriously.” Notice that they are also in the exhibits themselves. “Twenty years ago, participants have a lot more questions. Now, given the situation.”

There has been criticism as well. So are family constellations officially, to the family therapy, the mental health service established method of psycho-social problems of the family and to deal with them. The Dutch Association for Relationship and Family therapy (NVRG), it is, therefore, of the opinion that it should be referred to a university-trained physiotherapists.

“There is a lot to be completed that the family members may otherwise experience. This may lead to conflict and even the removal of the worries.”
Gerrie van Reijersen Play, the contextual therapist

Also, Gerrie van Reijersen Who has been critical of. As a contextual therapist, she has worked with people who have problems with or in their family’s experience. “If there is a family constellation, there are many things to be filled in for the absent family members,” she said. “Those things will be regarded as true, while the interpretation of the element of will.” She goes on to say: “it may be that The members of your family at this very differently. This may lead to conflict and even the removal of the worries.”

That was not the case for Hennekeij-Brakman. It was thanks to the family constellation the answer to her question. “Among the exhibits were a dozen or so people. I’ve got everyone in my family was drafted, my unborn twin sister. When the installation was complete, and she had her family there and saw, experienced Hennekeij-Brakman, a feeling of peace and completeness. “The feeling is, since the array is not gone away,” she says. “I am sure there are more that I will, indeed, have a twin sister I have had.”

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