Family calls suspicious attack Berlin on report

Family calls suspicious attack Berlin on report

The family of the Tunisian Anis A., who is suspected of the attack on the Berlin christmas market, calls A. report.

If my brother hears this: I want him to surrender. Also for our family, and it would opluchten,” says Abdelkader Amri.

The Tunisian family Amri told journalists convinced of his innocence. If he still has done, is that “a disgrace for us”, said his brother. “If he has done of which he is suspected, he shall be punished. But he’s probably innocent. I know why he is gone, that was for economic reasons. He wanted to work, to help family.”

Sister Najwa understands nothing of. “Anis was not religious. He drank, celebrated the feasts, listened to pop music.”


On the other hand, recognized Amri’s brothers that he really has changed. After his imprisonment in Italy, where he, according to media in that country for three and a half years was after he had tried the school in Catania where he went plat to burn, he had “a totally different mentality”.

Before Amri from Tunisia, and left, he was wanted for theft of a truck.


In several places in Germany is searching for a. A special commando unit of the Berlin police attacked on Thursday a meeting of salafists in the district of Moabit within, please notify a representative of the local security forces against the news agency dpa. A. would come regularly to the meeting point.

The Berliner Zeitung reported that the action against moskeevereniging ‘Fussilet 33’ lichtgranaten are used and a door is blown up.

According to the Berlin TO came islamists, especially Turks and Caucasians, together in the centre for religious education by fundamentalist, sunni imams. These have tried to be faithful to radicalising and recruiting for the armed struggle in Syria and Iraq on the side of Islamic State.

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