Fall Expedition: “You really don’t know where you have to specify the’

Celebrities are trying it in the Expedition to Robinson to survive on a deserted island. Each week, there will be someone that is disappointed to return home. appeals weekly in the fall. This week: Frank van der Lende.

The previous season, the one right after the other well-known Dutch out of themselves at home, the participants in this year’s by: just Roy, Him, had, two weeks ago, to go home to vote. When it became clear, however, even though that is Frank van der Lende is not really felt at home on the island.

No matter how hard Of the of the Various are made, the radio, the dj continued to keep the feeling that he wanted to get away. And so he allowed himself this week, is still waiting for the trial to get by in a small boat. Finally got back to the house.

You will be picked up and you know that you have to leave the house. What’s going to happen?

“I just stepped out of the boat, and knew right away that I won’t regret it and would get it. I was so happy to see that I was at home, and that I could do it. For me, it was just ok, I wanted to have my own life back. People say to me, ‘You know what you are you died?’ But really, believe me when I say: you don’t know that. What you see on television is a lot different than where you are. I’ve had it before, a long time will be discussed with Hugo and Knowledge, ed.). and Eva Koreman, ed.). and then with the whole group. Thomas Berge, ed.). gave a motivational speech and after that, I was able to just move on, but eventually, that feeling, over and over again.”

“I’ve been there at the time also had a discussion about the production and decided immediately to leave them. They were scared, after last year, it’s also a little bit of that, I would burn with this feeling, and thus, they have been recommended to me, it does not even have a day to look at, and you want to be. And I’m so glad that I did. And just like that, and I’m glad that I’ve joined. It has been an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to you to do so. I have to do it alone, did you?”

What do you think about the fact that you are out of room.

“Every day, I went back to the same route. In my mind, I asked myself the question: why am I here?” It was, I think, several things. With the change, Hugo, and all of a sudden I in the other team were on a different island, which I found to be very difficult. We are the radio dj’s don’t like change, and it is a very different island, with new people and have a very big change.”

“You know, I found it difficult myself at the mercy of the program is to be felt. They tell you an hour before you need to, and should be ready for the test. Or a half-hour before you go to the island council should be, and all of your stuff, go for it. In my opinion, I couldn’t decide, everything was staged.”

What do you hope to another way to do it?

“Makes more sense thinking about it. Now, if I’m terugzie in one of the first trials, Dionne (Presentation, ed.). the maze is in the send, as everyone has seen, and that she is not physically strong, and I think that is so stupid. It is illogical for her to do it for you, but there you go. When you get there, you’ll see it’s not so clear any more.”

“I’ve put in my time in the Expedition, and, especially, learned a lot. I have set myself up once again and get to know, and I’m more mature now. I have a very busy life, and I sometimes have the tendency to be a little bit too selfish to be in a friendship or dealing with a loved one. On the island, you will learn the things very much appreciate it. Since you have the time, don’t have it, you can see how valuable they really are.”

Who are you when your submission is surprised?

“I think everybody is surprised, and is about Marie (Verkerk, eds.). I do not have access to her on the island at the time, but I think it’s really cool that they are so smart people, to be her own. Anyway, it surprised the older ones to me. Tim Coronel, ed.). that is super-strong and just keeps going.”

“On a completely different level, but it is also a surprise, Thomas turned out to be very good at telling jokes. There are, however, a lot of times when you’re not in as much as you can, and with each other to talk to. There was, how funny he is. I have to laugh now that he is in and my radio show can be heard. He is telling jokes.”

Who is going to have the next episode out?

“It’s going to be on devil’s island, between Akwasi and Kim (Kötter, ed.). and the “Rich” (Hoffman, eds.), we all know that. And then it is really simple: the Empire is very weak, because he has been the longest on the island a number of years. You eat less, you get less and less, and that is certainly going to have an effect.”

Who do you think is the most happened to you?

“I hope that Hugo and Eva Koreman is still a very long way to go. For Eva, because she’s my buddy’s, for Hugo, as he put it, and it’s a very small little bit of feeling like I contributed to it myself. But I am afraid of him, because he is so, and is chasing the people up against him at the suit of armor. Previously, I was able to next to it, and the thing is a bit of a lull, but now, of course not.”

“My guess is that, Eve, Clive is still a very very long way. They are doing the smart thing; she had no one and no one for himself. They have slipped into a bit of a break, we’ll come get you far with me.”

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