Fall Expedition: “When I was weighing was the biggest shock

Celebrities are trying it in the Expedition to Robinson to survive on a deserted island. Each week, there will be someone that is disappointed to return home. appeals weekly in the fall. This week: a Rich Description).

Hofman started out in good spirits, and to have been Robinson’s adventure, but it ended after the first test with the team at devil’s island. He was able, by means of the tests will not be back in the game, but did not go to the house. In about ten days, he was alone on the island, he company has received from Kim Kötter.

By Kötter and Akwasi he had to, once again, the balkproef to take. Dangerously weakened by humanity’s lack of food, he had the first down, which means that he will be out of the game it is. Akwasi has remained for the longest time, so he is the combination of returning to and the rest, as Kötter left on devil’s island. There they will be joined by Mariana Verkerk who are in the sample for the hybridization conditions.


Rich Hoffman: “I’m going to be physically very, very hard’

You will lose the balkproef, and know that you are going home. What’s going to happen?

“For the first few seconds, I realized that I have the trial was lost. After that, I realized recently that I’m really out of Expedition Robinson lay. If you’re just getting the bags and verstijf you. There’s going to be at this moment in time all through your body. After that, I will be on the same island, to check your email (Kluijver, as the host of the program-ed.). Because of her, I was received with the tuna, and the chicken, which was delicious, but it was also nice to see that I had already seen on the show.”

“With her, I went to weigh in and then came the biggest shock. I knew, of course, is not at all what I looked like, so I have no idea how bad it would be. Yesterday, I found out that I’m not 8, but 10 pounds have lost weight. That’s a really unhealthy over the past fifteen days. I was lucky a lot of to go to the gym it was going to be, but when I was able to start all over again.”

What do you hope to another way to do it?

“I didn’t really have anything else to do in order to progress, except for the two balkproeven. That is important, but I didn’t win. I was really hoping that the last one is a eetproef, but I’ll be a good chance to be created. When I’m back in the game was over, I was not really seen as a threat, because I am weakened, and I might be in-between away. Our team has just had some bad luck so I’m on the devil’s island again.”

Rich Hoffman: “I’ve got my own’ Cast Away ‘ experience.’ (Photo: Antoine van Gelder)

You have to have for a long time on devil’s island a number of years. How did you get there for the day to see.

“I have to, sometimes for a long period of time, at exactly the same spot, sat down, and nothing is done. Occasionally, I moved from seat to seat in order to have some time to kill. I actually don’t really have to swim, and didn’t have the energy to go fishing or any other activity to be undertaken. You will have to spend a lot of time thinking about it, but at some point, you have your mind on zero and just go and sit down. Because you are so much asleep during the day and the night are ten times as heavy. Then, when you wake up, you might as well not moved, because the pitch is.”

If you get in now, the episodes look, baal, are you still on that such a test would not have been able to do that?

“Yes, I’m bale, and I still do, even in the simple sample, as it is playing tag. That seemed to me to be so much fun to do. In the diseased sample might be the main reason for that is you want to do, and that’s what I don’t know.”

“Anyway, I’m finally satisfied with this. I have, however, is not the real Expedition Robinson is in the game, but I have experienced what it is like to have to survive on a deserted island. I wanted to make my own, Cast Away movie (2000) with Tom Hanks, about a man who, after a plane crash on a deserted island and finds, ed.). to be polite. I really can’t imagine how hard it is to lack of food, it would have been.”

Who are you when your submission is surprised?

“Berdien (Stenberg, eds.) it was right at the beginning, as a kind of a monkey through the trees, climbed up, and all of it is good. She had the whole bed is put together, and the kitchen is made of. It was a day and a night working on it. The first week went by so fast with her. She has so much energy and mental strength. The second of eight days of its duration is approximately 25 times as long.”

Who is going to have the next episode out?

“It’s going to be between the Kim and the Mariana islands. Kim, of course, has already had a couple of days on devil’s island a number of years. It is a eetproef, and I think that Kim is losing. P. eats all that!”

Who do you think is the most happened to you?

“Hugo” (of Knowledge, ed.). it comes very, very highly about it. That is, it is so industrious, because he did this for over twenty years. He does not let anything stop you in the fight for the win. Akwasi now has the fire in his eyes and wants to get revenge, so in that area I am still not sure. Yvette (Broch, ed.). physically, perhaps, but most of all, it seems that it is not and that she would be happy to have it, so she’s no threat.”

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