Fall Expedition: ‘She made me’

Celebrities are trying it in the Expedition to Robinson to survive on a deserted island. Each week, there will be someone that is disappointed to return home. appeals weekly in the fall. This week, Berdien Stenberg.

While devil’s island, sounds like hell on earth, it looks like this year’s, or the Expedition, it’s actually quite nice and easy to find. They fish some, swim some, and once in a while there will be a test, but it still has no consequences. This week was different, however: in the last test helped to ensure that Berdien Stenberg her husband had to address it.

In between Camp and North Camp and the South went out on a bang. For the third year in a row, found the South to be strong, and to the members of the North someone to send home. Dionne Slagter was, in the end, as expected, to the house for a vote. That the interview might be later on.

You will lose the taste. What’s going to happen?

Stenberg: “I eilandgenoten were in a boat and taken away, and I went to the other side of the village, where the production of the program. Since I had direct for a medical checkup you weighed them to see if there are any wounds or blisters and if it’s that good to go. With me it was all ok, so I was able to go straight to a conversation with Nicolette (Kluijver, the presenter of the programme, ed.). wherever I looked, it was exactly what I wanted to eat. You don’t know what you’re tasting, if you will, after eight days, and a can of coke leegdrinkt, it is impossible to describe.”

“On devil’s island was a very, very small amounts of food to be found, perhaps, that the name came from, because it was the perfect place. Even though I have a bit of each and every plant is pulled from the ground to see if there isn’t a tuber, for me, was to not move on to another place to find it. Coconuts are and at first, we couldn’t even fish because we didn’t have bolts in our case. I have thought of what to say against the production, because I think it’s a mistake, but it took at least four days before we could get.”

“If we were, we ran the risk of the thing stolen is in the water tanks on the island were a bunch of monkeys, who are our bekogelden each and every time we crossed. One time we were waking up in the morning, because the monkeys in the camp were, if they had all of our bananas were stolen. I thought it was so special to all of us to do it, you’re really one with nature there.”

What do you think about the fact that you are out of room.

“The pilot saw it on the tv might be easy, but it was really, really hard. Mentally as well as physically, you had to be really hard work to deliver, and Eva Cleven, ed.). it was just stronger than I am. It was also an idiot and how quickly the puzzle is solved, the press (Geus, eds.) and the “Rich” (Hoffman, eds.) they were also to look at them. They had to get it all in one time! I am confident that they, like me, still have some problems, and here and there a small mistake, but no, not at all. I hate too, because she was such a deserved winner, she’s made me.”

Fall Berdien Stenberg. (Photo: Bruno Press)

What do you hope to another way to do it?

“During the trial, and that was my tactic is good, but I was more set up for set to do so, just as Eve was. Don’t forget that I am thirty years older than her, ben, isn’t it, that’s also a factor in the trial. I feel like, while still in thirties, but I am now really 62. In the other two trials on devil’s island, I had not the chance to win, there it lay, Eve, and I am opposed to the men. In the first experiment, we had to charge something, and we got that thing for less than it up. The second test was the thing is, Rob, it could be a stretched out arm, do it all, Eva and I were up to the job.”

“At the very beginning, in the first trial, and then determine which of the camps that we came to, I was going to have a time-out. It was crazy hot and more people, it would have been helpful. in the Morning, for breakfast I had a boiled egg to eat it with the salt, because with the heat, you will need to make sure that you have enough to ingest, but there was not a pinch of salt. That has been my downfall, but I’ve also learned from them. On devil’s island, prepared that’s why I always have salt water and kept the salt to my drinking water to do so. That meant that it was then a lot better for me.”

Who are you when your submission is surprised?

“From day 1, that’s Calvin (Kelvin Boersma, eds.). The boy was going to be a beast, as to time, it turned out to be a real athlete. I had been to him, not for what it was, but it was beresterk. And I think it is very important to Rob, just to name a few, because of the way that it is everywhere and through stroke, it is very good. Empire may well go to the gym, he is about fifteen years younger than You, but that it was not with ease.”

“Dionne has to put me on a different way and surprised, I did not expect that they will be mentally so much to the point, it would be. She was very, very emotional, and he lost himself in a little bit. I had been on before everything is loaded, including how you can be prepared to function in a group. Of course, I do that for my work, but I have found it useful to do some reading about it. They had a need to do so just as much as they physically could to prepare for it, I think. They said that they really didn’t do it, then it is very difficult to get the thing to track.”

Who is going to have the next episode out?

“She (Vermeulen, ed.). after that, catch up with Hugo and Knowledge, ed.). gracious under pressure. They are the men from the camp, thus you can be in the suit of armour work, and that can be expensive. On devil’s island, there must be someone to take you home, because they have to go to the balkproef to do. I think that in Eve, it’s in there pretty good, going to do it. I’ve got all the videos are watched on gymnastics and balance, and it turns out that it is useful to have small hips, but in any case, is that your hips are the same width as your shoulders. That does it, and she also has small feet. That’s going to help you. So, one of the men who is going to look like.”

Who do you think is the most happened to you?

“Calvin, then, that is still a long way to go. And Tim Coronel, ed.). we now have a little over, but that man is very strong. I would love to see them all back for a big throw, so we could have more of him to be able to see it, and, for example, Shary-An, (Nivillac, ed.).”

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