Fall Expedition: “I’d like that in my camp members one by one, to lose weight’

Celebrities are trying it in the Expedition to Robinson to survive on a deserted island. Each week, there will be someone that is disappointed to return home. appeals weekly in the fall. This week, Anita Heilker.

The three-day Expedition, and then go home, nobody wants to be the first one to fall of. After the loss of the Camp to the North, and there the members of the Camp to the South, however, is nothing else than to get to the island council, to go and someone to go home to vote.

To my great disappointment, it is that the singer, Anita Heilker (58), who has an additional vote used to be ” Jaap van Deurzen at home, but, eventually, all of her members in her vote.

You will be voted out of office and runs away. What’s going to happen?

“Really, it’s like a kind of hole you’re in is, at least, the way I experience it. I’m not registered, how do I leave, or what happened after that, all of a sudden, I was in The (presenter Kaj Gorgels, eds.). It wasn’t until the third day, and that I was just a little bit, got used to this. To get to the house, to have been such a huge hit, and even if you make it ahead of time though to see it come out.”

“It’s my life, a time before I could get back to a somewhat normal was when I got home. I was very tired and had been on this Expedition-bubble. I have found that I am really not able to think about. You’re sitting there with a certain mindset. You will want to be as far as possible, you’ll want to survive. Since you are preparing for a very long time for it. To be so abruptly pulled out, and that does something to a man.”

What do you think about the fact that you are out of room.

“First of all, just plain out of luck. There was a great atmosphere in the camp, but one has to be first. And then you have the elders, the first to go. It was time for jake and me, and it seemed to me that the logical thing to do, then he would have to go, and he had an injury and was not able to take part in the trial. He couldn’t do anything of what I left, the extra painful it made.”

“But he is well know to be dicks. That noted, I will be happy at the end of the day, so I was prepared when we arrived at the island council for the reception. The boys saw it as a kind of a papa bear, and his salvation. The teamgevoel to keep up, we all ultimately work for me.”

“I think it’s important that older participants are on the Expedition to join, but it is also true that you have a higher risk of earlier, turned down to be. Last year proved to be joe the farmer (at the time, the 53-ed.) however, even if you are already a parent, you are very far away and very well could have been. Do you know what it is? Young people think that they are elderly, don’t need no wisdom comes with age’, but simply: ‘I know everything’. That’s probably because of all the social media sites, and that we didn’t do that. They think they no longer need to have. And maybe that’s true.”

What do you hope to another way to do it?

“I was at the trial, and just being in that suit of armor to go hang out. That is, it is in hindsight easy to say, but it’s a lesson that I have learned from this myself. Just do it, just keep going. I’m almost twenty pounds lighter than that of Yvette (Broch, eds.), that it was withdrawing a lot of time to close. I was too afraid of people to disappoint everyone, I guess. You have to remember that we are there, with a wind chill of -50 degrees celsius, and with a huge scaffold to see it. So you think all is clear. However, when I looked back, I thought: to you, listening is so important for us.”

Who are you when your submission is surprised?

“My involvement was very short, so I didn’t feel I had something to say to you. And, I think, is that I’m in the wrong camp. I love you, in advance, of course, is not the problem, but that didn’t stop me from Camp to the North have to sit down. I realized that it really had to laugh, I have a feeling almost had it for us. That’s what I need to get me a at ease feeling, as if there is not a sense of humor is, I get to get me back. I’d liked to have in the Mariana islands (Verkerk, eds.) the team will have to sit out. That I’ve known since elementary school. Now, I had it in me Dionne (Presentation, ed.). with whom I was able to find it.”

Who is going to have the next episode out?

“Jaap, it seems to me. It has been hit, all at the same time, voted for me, so it may be a bit fake, but I hope that very Camp in the South is about to leave. That’s them to lose weight, until there is none left. They all come to me for tuning, so they have to earn it all. But Jaap, it is the first one, which can be simply no different. I say this all with a wink of the eye, is it?”

Who do you think is the most happened to you?

“On the basis of what I have in a couple of days to think of what I’ve seen it on tv, it seems to me that Hugo and Knowledge, ed.). has a good chance. I am not looking forward to, but at here, you can, I think, is the furthest along. He wanted to do things on his own, it could also be all of them. In all that he did, and that was to see. Big fans of the program, I think is very, very far away.”

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