Fall Expedition: “I will put my power off when I put down’

Fall Expedition: “I will put my power off when I put down’

Celebrities are trying it in the Expedition to Robinson to survive on a deserted island. Each week, there will be someone that is disappointed to return home. appeals weekly in the fall. This week, Tim’s this Weekend.

According to the viewers, as is the case with the Expedition to Robinson for weeks, all the way to the bonding. The physically-strongest of the candidates have, one by one to clear the field. After the switch-off of the Kelvin Boerma (Calvin) and Thomas was On, it was clear that this Weekend in the business section, as he has no immunity and would have to achieve to win the test.

It had to be a race-car driver, this time. He placed it against Eve, Clive, then, Eva Koreman took to winnaarseiland, where Hugo’s Knowledge of, and Shary-An Nivillac have ever stayed in. Although, this Weekend, are yet to be made in order to turn the tide, he was unable to prevent him from using a substantial a majority to the house, it was voted by the parliament.

You will be voted out of office and runs away. What’s going on in your head?

“In fact, I already have one coming. I knew that the chances were that I was voted out of office, it would be, if I weren’t going to win. During the test, I made a mistake. I had the feeling that this was it for me. If I crashed during a race. When I first heard about it in the letters to the applicants, that the letter from their family and friends had not yet seen, could have their right to vote, to trade, to the letter and still have to be able to open and save.) I had a moment of hope, but it didn’t work out. I got turned down, came hard to the inside. However, I knew that it was going to happen. It did feel like it and when I saw the episode and saw you.”

“Saying goodbye was very, very fast. There happen to be thousands of things in your head. However, you will put, as soon as you know that the adventure is over, there is also a button to set. I missed my family and wanted to be so I have my phone to call them. When I saw that I was eighteen hundred messages had on WhatsApp. When I called back home, they were really disappointed, because I was too early in the call and, therefore, is not the final had been achieved. Even though I was not required at home.”

Did you get all that you have other candidates you like and wanted to do it because you’re too strong a player you were?

“It was already clear, though, after the joint testing, and coming to a close. It felt as if the spear in my direction, but she could not catch it, as long as I made sure that I have everything to offer. I knew it was my only chance, and that explains, of course, put extra pressure on the trials. The other candidates to stop, it doesn’t under the seats, or benches. I’ve repeatedly said that I have is a pleasant fellow, but that I like and wanted to vote because I was too strong. Hugo was the only one who said they would help me in the final stand.”

What do you hope to another way to do it?

“I have a feeling that I have to be myself to the maximum like I have taken. Of course, I had to be there any longer wish to be together, but I had to make myself known as a really planned, in order to be of any moment, – as also the taste, and that’s what I did. If you are, ultimately, allies are needed. As Kim (Kötter, ed.). her trial, at the devil’s island of Akwasi had been won, and it was returned to him, it was Calvin and Thomas may not be out of tune. At the island council in which the saint was voted out of office, I had to be an extra voice is need to focus on. I was thinking that we would be saved. That sort of thing I might be better able to think about. However, I am glad that I am open-minded and I’m gone, and not many have stopped to complotjes. I’m fine myself, have stayed and have every moment be enjoyed.”

Viewers are voicing out on Twitter their frustration that the ‘real ‘ Robinson’ out of, to be voted on, and that’s it for this season just to get bonding running. You have to have the same experience?

“Now that I have the episodes on the tv to see, it should be noted, however, that the bonding is very to play with. But when I was on the island and sat down, I had less and less to. I was mainly concerned with the fish, food control, and to explore the island. I think it’s great that members of the public will be so warm in me responding, but I leave off when I drop it. I had the test, just to win. I knew what I was getting when I decided to join in. I can understand why the game is played. I would do the same thing for a strong player like I was. It’s eat or be eaten. Everyone needs to play that way, that they themselves are the most likely to make it. I had been strongly recommended (Vermeulen, ed.). at any given time, crying on my shoulder because she was scared that she didn’t look good would come of her tactics, but I am encouraged to do what its necessary to get into the game to keep going.”

What have you learned about yourself during your involvement?

“That’s honesty for me to overcome. Also in the audience, it appears from your comments that I receive. It’s really exploding, I get thousands of messages. I have learned how to use it with a straight back in your daily life. If you’re proud of yourself, you can get the most out of it.”

Who are you when your submission is surprised?

“If I do, someone will say, then, Roy. (He ed.). What a nice guy, that is. On tv, he is very different than what I have experienced. When it comes to what he’s been through, He’s got me really surprised. Furthermore, I felt that it was a shame that Calvin is so fast, the way it was. Him and I are more like, if you have one. However, he is still a young, broekie, but he is right in life. Our team went to the games automatically, and therefore, we gained so much more. We had Kim as a sort of mother superior to us. There was an instant respect for each other, which I thought was nice.”

Who is going to have the next episode out?

“If you look at the bonding faces, it would make sense that Marie (Verkerk, eds.) the next one is. But at the same time, they don’t really pose a threat to the rest of us. So depending on how strategic they are going to have to play. Anyway, the gun I use the Hugo with the most to gain.”

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