Fall Expedition: “I sat each week in the stress in the back’

Well-known and unknown Dutch people trying in Expedition Robinson to survive on a desert island. Every week there is someone that disappointed going back home. speaks weekly with the eliminator. This week: Laurie Shearer.

Just not in the final: it happened Steven Brunswick, and Laurie Shearer this week. Gregory Sedoc knew, as the first, and Dominique Hazeleger against Brunswick, Shearer and Jan Bronninkreef had to record it.

After the first groepsproef with a heavy bar on a rope must be held, know Bronninkreef to places. Hazeleger, which is a series of tasks which eventually a string must be blown before lighting a torch, is ultimately the last finalist.

When did you know: this win can’t I?

“It was so stupid, I had the whole time a huge advantage (Shearer knew first from the handcuffs to escape and was also the first to her fire, red.), to Dominiques flame from nothing is very high and the rope, but a lot of fun. When they started running I knew already: I’m not going to win. But you’re going there anyway at the back. I wanted to have the feeling that I there to the last moment, everything had done, that I was continue to fight.”

How acidic is it to just before the final fall off?

“At that moment I was so proud of myself and so very happy for Dominique. Of course, baal you, but I was also glad that I got out. Now I terugzie I think a lot more: you were so close, what if that rope was burnt out. But there you have peace of mind. Also because all of the milestones that I already had accomplished, felt like huge victories. That I wasn’t there the first round was uitgestemd, that I the amalgamation managed to get to, and then also still in the semi-finals ended up. I’ve all but done.”

What did you afterwards need to do differently?

“Every week, I really in tension sit and watch because I was so nervous about how I happened. I really have to be the bad-bitch-edit: you could not else than me to be a bitch to find. As Robin was talking about a complotje, everyone found that beautiful. I did the same, on the same plan, I was immediately back to the bitch.”

“They still need personalities to drop and I was the scapegoat. Therefore, it is also fine that it is now finished: I don’t have to worry anymore about how I now get up, or what people now.”

“At the same time, I had all these haters like to their uneven proven and the whole lot want to win. I have so many hate mails, so many people who are really nasty things against me to say on social media. Some people go the extent that I threaten to kill. While for us, as participants, very clearly, a game is, and we go well together, are the people in the home at all and they are furious. Where those people the time and effort comes from, no idea. I am happy that I am now redeemed.”

Who has you during your participation surprised?

“I think I have myself the most have surprised actually. That I as far as I know and myself have proved, that I had beforehand so estimated. I am the whole Expedition myself remained.”

“Where some people really went when the camera was there and would otherwise have arisen, I continued to just sit or lie down. ‘Look what you’re filming, I’m lying here’, I thought. If you have me cranky for me looks and staring, I’m just very hard to think. I go there me than not be better sitting occur than it is.”

Who should win?

“They are all three real pearls, all my sizes. Jan deserves it because he so enjoyed the whole adventure and never has in common done. Dominique really is a Robinson, and I say this not only because she is my best friend, was on the island. She is not normally hard to achieve.”

“And Gregory is a fantastic person, he knew there still to recover, while the moment he really was weak. The profit would be for him only in part: he is an athlete, has so much already won. For Do and Jan it makes a huge difference, for them, this would really be a thing in their life.”

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