Fall Expedition: “I have an image of being a klutz build’

Celebrities are trying it in the Expedition to Robinson to survive on a deserted island. Each week, there will be someone that is disappointed to return home. appeals weekly in the fall. This week Jaap van Deurzen.

After that, Anita Heilker last week, forcing the Philippine island had to be abandoned, managed to Camp in the South this week, the immuniteitsproef’t have to win, and had to once again have someone to go home to vote.

Even though the applicants there were doubts as to the strength of Dionne Slagter, was awarded to Jaap van Deurzen, with 66 years of age, the oldest participant of the year, the island council is one voice and he had to eventually have things catch on.

You will be voted out of office and runs away. What’s going to happen?

“After talking with someone on the production was me and a lot of food before, and I had a cold beer poured in. The production had earlier in the evening, sashimi dinner, which I am very much looking forward to, but I’ve had a fish on and I saw my hope on the bluefin tuna disappeared. Fortunately, you appreciate at this moment in time, everything, and it feels every little thing is a huge luxury. The food good and the beer is great, but imagine if you will a couple of days in the bamboo, sleeping. I have two days of everything and enjoyed it, and then it became again normal, it is a pity that in a matter of fact.”

What do you think about the fact that you are out of room.

“I think it’s hard to say. When they told me last week, had a vote, I would, I think, is better understood than it is today. When I was injured. They all thought I didn’t have to do the test. But now, there’s nothing more to it than that, and I was able to be so still, for days. It was between me and Dionne, and in the end they’re still up for it, because they were expecting me – as I get older after a certain period of time is weaker it would be. I will not be as hard to run or anything like that. I don’t have the image of being an idiot made up.”

“It does make a difference, however, is that I more or less saw coming. Before we get to the island council went in, I sat down with Dionne, said she, my place in the bamboebedje that evening and was able to take it. Then, as we turned in the direction of the council, were, did, Frank van der Lende, eds.) with his arm around me and squeezed me on my shoulder. That’s when I knew it wasn’t.”

Fall, Jaap van Deurzen (foto: BrunoPress)

What do you hope to another way to do it?

“I don’t know if I’d otherwise had been able to do it. That is scheming, and that talk of food is making about why people don’t to me, to vote, or, on the contrary, that it is not for me. I’ve had that before, even though said to be against it if it comes to it, you can’t. Just like joe the farmer (who won last year-ed.) I would have like to have a little bit of in between in wanting to slip out. To be useful to the group, but will not necessarily be assignments, a winner. It is a bit to forget you get to vote. Unfortunately, I have not be able to make it.”

Who are you when your submission is surprised?

“Hugo” (of Knowledge, ed.). he was amazing on the game, and survivallen. He taught me how to cassaveplanten out of the ground and had to withdraw, he knew about everything and have a nice meal complete with the decoration of it. And not only that, but he has a onwijze of energy. I was 47 degrees Celsius and in the water, but he was able to constantly move forward.”

Who is going to have the next episode out?

“As a Camp in the South loose, and I fear for Dionne. During the trial, when she was not able to enter the labyrinth, to climb up, fell to the people in her incredibly off. And, while the island council, it has saved her the extra vote could make use of it, otherwise it was a tie between us.”

“It’s in the promo for next week seems to be my camp members still have a bit of a hassle to get, I think, is a shame. It was nice, being able to be as Frank suggested. In the other camp, I see a lot of disagreement. It can also be the creators of our show, of course, but it seems to be a lot less of a problem.”

Who do you think is the most happened to you?

“My team and without a doubt, Hugo. He has all the previous seasons are seen, and analysed, and it seems to be quite a good idea to know how the game is played. It: I give it to him, just as he does, so it’s very best. The other team, I know it’s not very good, though I think Mariana islands (Verkerk, eds.) very, very strong, happened when I was on television here.”

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