Fall Expedition: “I feel a real Robinson

Well-known and unknown Dutch people trying in Expedition Robinson to survive on a desert island. Every week there is someone that disappointed going back home. speaks weekly with the eliminator. This week: Steven Brunswick.

Just not in the final: it happened Steven Brunswick, and Laurie Shearer this week. Gregory Sedoc knew, as the first, and Dominique Hazeleger against Brunswick, Shearer and Jan Bronninkreef had to record it.

After the first groepsproef with a heavy bar on a rope must be held, know Bronninkreef to places. Hazeleger, which is a series of tasks which eventually a string must be blown before lighting a torch, is ultimately the last finalist.

When did you know: this win can’t I?

“Really only at the moment that the torch in the scale. I was still hard the stairs at the other side of the run, because imagine that she will fall or that the torch suddenly goes out. Then I had able to win. When I flame on top of the scaffolding saw, it occurred to me: it was ready.”

How acidic is it to just before the final fall off?

“Not. Not really. We live in a very very competitive society, where you’re only successful if you’re the first or the best. For my feelings am I a Robinson, because I’ve done exactly what I wanted to do. I also see it not as losing.”

“I view it rather positively: I am myself remained, am jokes continue to make, have not specified and I am always positive in been. Everyone has a peak to peak had during this Expedition, everyone has ever won anything. This time I was not, it is no different.”

What did you afterwards need to do differently?

“Nothing. I wanted to set an example for young people, show what you can achieve yourself. In the Netherlands we can complain, while we have so much. The people who came to pick up from the neighbourhood, that the boats ran, had holes in their clothes and bad teeth, but they were so happy. There, we can still learn a lot from.”

“We have argued about the acorns of the neighbors on the roof, while around the world people die of hunger. We may, however, what is even more grateful. That is why I have not thought about, I find that you are required just to sit.”

“That at a certain moment I am going to ‘backstabben’ was not for the viewers at home, I was bored just on the island and was thinking about how I do it for myself more fun could make. Through a bit with people, pushed around, and voices otherwise, I made it a bit exciting.”

“Dominique and I are not in love no, I already have the craziest things on social media and the mainstream media over. It is all well mounted, so it all just what more romantic look, but we can just be good with each other. My wife has no problem with it, who knows how it is.”

“This season was actually quite boring, therefore, I am going to think about how to Expedition Robinson more fun could be. I see a kind of savings system for me. As Nienke (Plas, eds.), that back time and time again managed to come: then you are a Robinson. They would be a point system should make it where you save because you’re positive, or because you persist. Because you always have the fire, or always boils. All of those things together to create a Robinson, not that you happen to be a command wins.”

Who has you during your participation surprised?

“Aisha (rapper I Am Aisha, ed.). She has let know, when she and Corry (Konings, ed.) clashed and she almost immediately then decided to leave. I was so not expecting her, because I know how strong she actually is. I would like to have a bit more time with her on the island want to sit.”

Who should win?

“It makes me sincerely. These finalists deserve to be all pretty to that place, to sit and earn it all to win.”

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