Fall Expedition (2): “The other monkeys laughed at us, piece by piece, from

Celebrities are trying it in the Expedition to Robinson to survive on a deserted island. Each week, there will be someone that is disappointed to return home. appeals weekly in the fall. This week, Rob Geus.

The two drop-outs in a single episode of Expedition Robinson, the programme has been relentless and very hard. Chose Roy, He even for there to be a vote (that is, the interview you can read here), Rob Geus’d rather spend weeks on the deserted islands, a number of years.

Geus saw his chances of fertilization as well as snow for the sun to disappear, when the beam fell on it during the balansproef. Eva, Clive won the trial, and the case will proceed directly to the rest of the participants. Rich Hoffman was left alone on devil’s island.

You get the bar and away. What’s going to happen?

“There is no other way to describe it than as the extreme feeling of disappointment. I was really heartbroken and it was very emotional. I’m usually not very emotional, and I don’t cry that fast, but you’re sitting there for eight days, and you could go on and on, from home, as in my case, with just one goal: to merge get. What’s that you’re going to go, I can’t hardly describe it.”

“Still, I have hope that I might return. That is, if I got to the island, and they told me it would tell me that I have to go somewhere else around it went down. That’s the feeling I have long held. Of course, I was incredibly happy to be with my wife and kids to see it, but even at Schiphol airport, I have to say that I would go back if they told me that it had to offer. And, two weeks later, I still often feel like I’m actually on the island it was supposed to be sitting.”

“And that, Roy, is to go home left to vote and the selection turned in order to go to devil’s island to go to, for me, was particularly unpleasant. I have been previously told that they would send me a lijkenzak that the island had to take, I wanted to be early for the island of fire.”

What do you think about the fact that you are out of room.

“For three months before I started to prepare for it, so there it is, for me, is not. We are on devil’s island some more practice with the balkproef, but that was more to pass the time, and not to be compared with the actual test. I think I’m out of luck I have had with my personal trainer, I was a lot of balance training opportunities, because that was the only thing I can be sure that the end will come.”

“We had all the bad luck that I didn’t have the test that day would come. At the time the letter came in, we had to go straight. That’s why we wanted to actually have a lot of energy in their diet because of what banaantjes-to-eat food. But when we arrived at our makeshift kitchen and found out that the monkeys in our stock, stolen, and. We have to look at how nature does it, but at that moment, I felt a lot like the monkeys are to us piece by piece to get.”


Rob Geus: “I don’t think that the people in the country much longer’

What do you hope to another way to do it?

“All of the time, I have tried to make it as good as possible for all concerned. I’ve had each and every minute is used to have to go in search of food, and fish. I wanted to have that responsibility, and did so when I left, the whole time still have to be Rich, where it is left alone.”

“And yes, in retrospect, had I paste of flour, not to throw it. At the same time I did, I knew how to do this on a tv show, it would be a nice close-up of the slurry. However, it was not the fact that it is the whole of our stock, as has been implied. And for that, you will then see an image of the flame in the pan, it is really a bit silly. That paste was for the day, and, as the fire, day six. But during the installation, it is recommended that, one after another.”

“The fire was not my fault. No, I’m not going to say who though. But that is where everyone else is a step in the wrong direction did this, I thought that the fire must be out, for the whole of the island is in a safe condition. So, I pick up the pan and extinguish the fire. That’s the only thing you see on tv and this creates the illusion that I am a bad cook myself. I don’t think, because it’s great television, but it is really neat, I didn’t.”

Who are you when your submission is surprised?

“Berdien (Stenberg, eds.). The power of a woman, that is. I met her on the plane, and I immediately thought that the people would be under-estimated. It is, of course, is a bit older, and then you can see it often in the Expedition, and that a few of you. It’s a good human being with positive women and are so much stronger than you might think. I’m so glad I got the chance to get to know.”

Who is going to have the next episode out?

“Frank Van der Lende, eds.) it may be in danger. He has, of course, a subscription to the island council, and that’s more than can go wrong. The tests he seems to be more and more difficult to have a length that can make him go to work. You can also see that his energy is a little less and it goes away. I think he has now become very difficult.”

Who do you think is the most happened to you?

“There is only one person who is very positive to stand out: Calvin (Kelvin Boerma, eds.). We knew each other from before, no, not really, but they hit it off. We have the same setup and fell in love with each other and with the team, I thought it was really unfortunate that that didn’t work. It is very, very far away, for he was strong and smart. The only thing for him to work with, it is that others will see, and to him, therefore, from voting.”

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