Faktory Infini celebrates local textielprojecten: ‘The sector itself to reinvention’

From 6 to 9 december in Kortrijk FaKtory Infini place. Visitors will be via workshops and panel discussions will be challenged to think about the textile and fashion industry of tomorrow.

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You often hear negative messages about the industry: the giant carbon footprint and low wages making the industry a ticking time bomb. In this way, it can not continue. Fortunately, there are close to home companies and fashion brands who are active a fresh wind to blow, and a sustainable alternative.


With more than forty exhibitors such as Ms.Bay, HNST and Pure by Luce, lectures, workshops, round tables and screenings, the organisers aim to show how it can be done.

Who is eager to learn more about local initiatives you can visit the FaKtory Infini, an eco fashion and lifestyle event that the spotlight on innovations that have a global impact on sustainable textile manufacturing.

The local textile and fashion industry is brought together at this event and is focused on the entire chain: from young entrepreneurs, students, businesses and designers to conscious consumers. Together they can brainstorm, be inspired and enter into new collaborations.

Join hands

FaKtory Infini is an initiative of Niki De Schryver, Piet Verhoeve and Julie’s. Niki is the founder of COSH, a digital tool in development that is sustainable in online shopping will soon be easier. Piet is the CEO of Hangar K, a co-creation hub in Kortrijk, Julie is responsible for strategy and procurement in the European Spinning Group.

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“I am third generation in the family business,” explains she. “We are active in production and distribution of textile yarn. Our yarn is used for clothing, technical textiles as fabrics.’

Today focuses ESG primarily on the niche market, where they can add value. “We do not work on massavolume. I want to bet on innovation and circular textiles. That’s where the whole chain is still a growth market.’

That focus on circular textiles started when ESG a few years ago, the partner of Jules Clarysse for a post-consumer recycled towel to develop. They did it together with Texperium in a towel to produce from forty percent post-consumer recycled cotton existed. “That was our first step, but certainly not our last. This was followed by yet interesting projects, including the collaboration with Tom Duhoux of denimmerk HNST.’

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“We feel within ESG that collaborate with research centres, fashion designers, interieurmerken, designers and end customers is crucial to go forward.’ This is why co-creation is an important aspect of FaKtory Infini. “We want people in contact with each other, because we have learned from my own experience that we can grow and innovate.’


We want people in contact with each other

Julie Lietaer believes that there is a market for local textile production that focuses on the circular economy. “And we are working as a spinning mill happy to participate. We can have an honest alternative to the negative aspects of emissions from transport and low wages, which are interwoven with the international textile manufacturing. It remains a wereldsector, but investing in local raw materials is important for a transparent and sustainable supply chain.’

The local textile industry has blows received by Brexit and the import of cheap textiles from countries such as Turkey. However, notice Julie that bets on innovation and sustainability z’n fruit. The price may be higher, there is demand for local, fair textile. “It is for the future of the industry is crucial that we continue to renew it.’


The sector is itself, to reinvent, and we also want to show to the general public.

Varied program

But also for starters is FaKtory Infini an interesting meeting place. “I believe in the energy that the starters can deliver to businesses. And conversely, it’s also interesting that the starters can rely on the expertise of established companies. The sector is itself, to reinvent, and we also want to show to the broad public.’

With more than forty exhibitors such as Marjan Storme, W. R. YUMA, Ms.Bay, HNST, Pure by Luce, CLOUD, Bel&Bo, Green Drag, and Squid, lectures, workshops, round tables and screenings, the organisers aim to show that it can be done differently: “There are a lot of beautiful, new, sustainable initiatives. Some have a push in the back, but I believe that by showing what is possible, people will invest in the future of the textile industry’, concludes Julie.


From six to nine december

Hangar K, Nelson Mandelaplein 2 in Kortrijk

Program: Thursday 6/12 VIP event and opening night for press and sponsors, Friday 7/12 b2b event, Saturday 8/12 and Sunday 9/12 continuously accessible to everyone.

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