Fairy-tale about flowers

Fairy-tale about flowers

What is a hobby? It is what you can and like to do when you have a free time. We choose a hobby according to our character and taste. When we have a hobby our life becomes more interesting.

Tastes differ. Different people like different things, different people have different hobbies. Many people are interested in music. They collect records and tape recordings. Others like to read and collect books. Children like to collect stamps, to play computer games. It has become one of the numerous hobbies. People like to watch TV and I like too.

On TV I saw people who have different hobby. I saw a woman on TV. She likes to paint bottles and I decided to paint too. It was good for me. I like this painting very much. My classmates have hobby too. One of them like to read books, others like to collect gold fish and others like to dance. I think very often our hobby helps us to choose our future profession. I have a hobby too. I like to collect flowers very much.

During my free time I look after my flowers. I water the flowers and wash leaves. I have many different flowers. They are so beautiful. Sometimes they are very capricious but often they may laugh and smile. They are like children. When I walk along the street I see flowers on the window-sill of the houses. I know many people who like to collect flowers and I often exchange flowers with people. My aunt Lena has one hundred kinds of flowers. Her house is like a jungle. She taught me to love flowers.

One day she told me an interesting story about flowers and I want to tell this fairy-tale to you. Once upon a time their lived a flower ”Kaktus” by name. It stood on the window-sill for a long time and admired by warm and gentle sunrays. But suddenly it saw an unknown flower. “What is your name?”- asked Kaktus. “Let’s make friends with you”. –No,-she said. You have so ugly prickles. But look: “I have so nice leaves!” And they began to quarrel. But at that moment they saw another nice flower. “Who are you?”-they asked. “Scheflera”- it answered proudly. “Why are you here and take all sunrays?” “Because I am small”,-she said. “When I grow up, I shall stand near the writing table of my master but you will always stand on the window-sill, because you are small”- she added. And then “Scheflera” told that she came not alone. She came with her friend “Asparagus”. They began to quarrel again for the place under the sun. And then “Asparagus” said that it can hide the sun with it’s leaves and you will never see the sun. They quarreled for a long time. 

One of the flower needed more water, another wanted more sunrays, the third wanted more fresh air and freedom. Their quarrelling was stopped by a voice of another flower. It appeared at once when it heard angry voices. It was “Mirt” and it said that all of flowers are so beautiful and original. And any mistress would like to have such flowers on the window-sill. Stop quarreling! And let us present to all people happiness and charm. The flowers agreed with “Mirt” and on the window-sill there was peace and agreement. “Mirt” brings in every house peace, warmth, joy and calm……

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