Fact or myth: you need to know about your gut

Fact or myth: you need to know about your gut

About what is and is not good for your intestines, do a lot of stories. But what is really bad for your bowel movements? During the National Poepdag, which takes place on 12 april, the importance of good pooping emphasized. spoke with Nienke Tode-Gottenbos, intestinal flora-therapist and author of the books The Poepdokter – Healthy from mouth to ass and The Poepdokter-Bake them brown. We explained to the writer a number of statements about the bowel movements.

1. “Yoghurtjes in which your intestines are made of, are good for you”: fable
Tode-Gottenbos, “I’m not in favor of it. You have two types of ‘darmtoetjes’ and the one dessert is full of sugar), where your intestines are not happy. There is also in that dessert but one type of bacteria, that is not so very much. Normally you have, in probiotics that are good for your intestines, about ten to fifteen bacterial species sit, and no sugar or other unnecessary additives.”

“The other dessert is packed with fiber. Is fiber good for your bowels, but these desserts are often filled with wheat. And we get a lot of wheat within, by all the bread that we eat. Vegetables, fruit and water are much more interesting for your intestines. Then you get a lot more fiber, minerals and vitamins than as a dessert.”

2. “Fat is bad for your intestines”: fable
“Saturated fats have the image that they are bad for you, because you fats mainly would find fast food. But saturated fats are in butter and coconut oil and those products are very good for you. In terms of unsaturated fats are olive and fish oil top for your intestines. The fats that are not good, to sit mainly in margarine and food products such as potato chips, French fries and pizza.”

3. “Dark bread is better for you than light bread”: fact and fable
“In whole wheat bread contain more fiber than light bread – and that is good for you – but darker bread is often coloured and that is not so good for your intestines. In the Netherlands we eat a lot of bread, so it seems to me anyway wiser to what is often a groentelunch to take a sandwich with cheese.”

4. “Gingerbread works laxative and banana verstoppend”: fact and fable
“Gingerbread can for a good bowel movement worry because there is rye in it – and so many fibers, but also a lot of sugar in it. In gingerbread, but also with banana, it differs really per person or the product laxative or verstoppend works. Also, the ripeness of a banana is important, but also there is a difference in. When one does a green banana verstoppend and the other just more laxative.”

“A couple of farts per day is good, but a lot of farting indicates a problem with the digestion.”
Nienke Tode-Gottenbos

5. “Coffee causes stomach problems”: fact and fable
“Coffee is a typical laxative, but also with this product, it differs per person how to respond to them. In coffee is caffeine, and that ensures that you have more adrenaline is created. Adrenaline-bumping can indeed get an upset stomach and that way you can upset stomach by coffee. Especially if you have a lot of coffee drinking – more than three cups per day – and spijsverteringsklachten have, is it an idea to reduce it or stop with the coffee.”

6. “A lot of windjes let is the proof that you have a good bowel movement”: fable
“A couple of farts per day is good, but a lot of farting indicates a problem with the digestion. No farting is not a problem, provided you don’t have it.”

7. “Diarreeremmers are good to take for diarrhea”: fable
“If you thin poop means that something is out of your body. That need, you should therefore not suppress it with a pill. Do you regularly suffer from diarrhea, then it is better to to the cause to find a doctor.”

8. “Squatting to defecate is the best for you”: fact
“To the last part of your colon is a kind of band, which ensures that you stool’t just let walk away. That band relaxes optimal if you are squatting to sit down, which mean you even easier to sound. If you ‘just’ on the toilet sit, relax that band, but partly. You can the ideal poephouding get a stool for your closet to buy, where you put your feet on. There are even special ‘poepkrukjes’ to do this, you online can order.”

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