Fact or myth: you need to know about stds

Fact or myth: you need to know about stds

Over 40 per cent of the young people used no condom a one-night stand, as it turned out last week from research. therefore took with Martijn de Natris of the Sense/Aids Soa Infolijn a number of statements about stis.

New figures from the GOVERNMENT showed further that over the past year sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed at the std clinic of the municipal health service.

1. If a man did not ejaculate during the (unsafe) sex, there is no risk of a std: fable

“It doesn’t matter whether the man does or does not ejaculate during sex without a condom. The risk begins when the penis vagina or anus. Hiv is in precum and vaginal fluid. Bacteria such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea are found in the mucosa of urethra, vagina and anus. Men must, therefore, in time a condom is put on.

Also, some std’s can be quite contagious. Chlamydia or gonorrhea can also be transmitted if someone with the penis along the vagina or anus of the other rubs. Or if fingers or subtract even mucus or moisture on the fingers. Also through oral sex (fellatio, cunnilingus) you can sometimes get a soa up.”

2. You get tested on an std is the best way to know for sure that nothing is going on: fact
“Have you the risk for contracting an std, get tested. Are all good results, then there is indeed nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that it might take a while before you get an std really can eliminate. A test for chlamydia can be done from two weeks after the last time sex. For hiv, we take the security of three months. So if you have no symptoms and are you not warned by a (sex)partner, please discuss with the general practitioner or the GGD (Sense) when you really need a reliable test you can do.

In addition, an soa research not tested on herpes and genital warts. These soa’s can only be good to prove if you have cold sores or warts. You can not beforehand with a test to exclude.”

3. With oral sex, you run no risk of a std: fable
“The chance of stis is at fellatio and cunnilingus are smaller than in sex without a condom, but you can never be totally excluded. We therefore recommend no sperm or blood in your mouth if you are not sure or your partner have hiv or another std. If you want, you can pipe a condom or cunnilingus is also a beflapje to use as protection.”

4. If you have had unsafe sex and not having any problems, you have no std: fable
“If you have a soa increases, you get not always complaints. A good example is chlamydia, the most common std in the Netherlands. 50% of all men notice after the rise of this std is nothing. In women, the percentage is even much higher, perhaps 90 percent. Testing is really the only way to get an std.”

5. One time of unprotected sex, can do no wrong: fable
“One time unprotected sex just once a risk of an std. So it is better to you to take precautions. That saves afterwards a lot of stress and worry.”

6. If you quickly wash it after (unsafe) sex, you run less risk of a std: fable
“An std is caused by bacteria and viruses. If you have an sti have an sti, then that is not the way with water and soap. Most stds are easy to treat. Your family doctor or the GGD can give you the right medication to prescribe.”

7. Once you get a certain stis may have had, you get that, then never more: fable
“Stis like chlamydia, gonorrhoea or syphilis, you can multiple times add up. You’re not ‘immune; for. Fact: research shows that people who have chlamydia have incurred, that the best often happens. Do not forget your sex partners to warn so that they can get tested.”

8. Lesbian girls do not need on stds to get tested: fable
“Among women with other women sex, get stds less often than other groups. They walk normally, so less risk during sex. Nevertheless, it can also for them sometimes it is wise to sti’s to test. For example, if they:

  • Sometimes with men have sex
  • Warned by a sexual partner
  • Complaints like discharge, a burning sensation when urinating, bleeding or pain in the lower abdomen
  • Changing sexual partners have

9. Also a dirty toilet seat can you get a std: fable
“No, an sti, you walk on by sexual contact. Not through, for example, a TOILET seat or sink.”

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