Fact or myth: you need to know about plants

Fact or myth: you need to know about plants

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Almost everyone has plants in the house or in the garden, but how do you now they care? And what is and is not true about the to take care of it? For Plantendag spoke with gardeners Rob Verlinden and Lodewijk Hoekstra, both well-known of Home & Garden.

1. “If you like the lice on your plants, you should with your plants, shake it”: fact and fable
Hoekstra: “It will do something, but you get as long as not all lice from your plants. You are better through the internet a little box with larvae of ladybirds and buy that off at your plants. They eat the aphids and then you can so from. You can also certain remedies against luis ordering, but do have one on natuurbasis. That is better for nature.”

Verlinden: “With shake touch you they are not lost. If the lice once lying on the ground, and they are awakened, then they just turn back on the plant. As lice on a plant are, there is something to the hand: the resistance of the plant is so low that lice get the chance. The plant can no longer dispel. I always say: a house with lice should the biobak in.”


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2. “If it is the whole week it has rained, you won’t have the plants no water to give up”: fact
Hoekstra: “This statement is only a fact if it is really the whole week has rained. If, for example, three weeks, has rained and then a day, all of a sudden, compensates for that not that you have those three dry weeks of no water. Plants in may in the middle of their growth period, and then it is important to have good water. If the leaves of your large plants will notice a bit stuck, then you know that your whole garden some water.”

Verlinden: “In principle, not. Though houseplants enjoy the summer outside, in the rain. Rain is a bit acidic and that moisture will keep them. A shower they find good, then, they are rinsed and the dust a little bit of the leaves.”

3. “Plants, you better not be in the bedroom”: fable
Hoekstra: “Correct! Plants provide oxygen, reduce your level of stress and are therefore good for your mood. Plants are also very good for in the office or in the living room.”

Verlinden: “Some of the plants you better not be in the bedroom because they’re a little toxic or hallucinatory work. An example of this is the Brugmansia, which is in the tropics, especially in the bedroom window. That is not at all dangerous, though, you feel just a little too ‘woppiewau’.”

4. “Succulents have little need of care”: fact
Hoekstra: “that’s Right, but you need them not to be totally forgotten. Cacti are succulents and normally come in dry, warm areas. There is, of course, a little bit of water, so in the Netherlands, they also have little water. These plants bring a little oxygen, but have the advantage that they are very little in need of water.”

Verlinden: “Succulents have, indeed, little need of care. With very little water, they can keep it alive.”

5. “Kruidenplanten you better at the garden centre to buy at the supermarket”: fact
Hoekstra: “This is a very sensitive point, but ultimately, you can kruidenplanten indeed better at the garden center to buy. Garden centres often offer more quality and kruidenplanten should in a very responsible way to grow. You eat there after all, later, so it must be good.”

Verlinden: “I don’t know if this is true, it is a bit on the velocity. If they go to the supermarket soon to be sold, that’s fine. If they are there a week, it is actually too dark. But if they are fresh, the quality is the same.”

6. “You can have a better spray bottle then use a watering can”: fable
Hoekstra: “That depends very much on the kind of plant. In the case of plants with aerial roots, such as Tillandsia and orchid, you better a spray bottle to use. With plants in a pot, you can do better with a watering can to use, because that many more need water.”

Verlinden: “It depends on what you should do. A spray bottle is actually a little misting and watering can is watering to the root ball. So you can them all two.”

7. “Your plants are going to grow faster if you’re talking”: fable
Hoekstra: “I don’t believe in, I think it is rather for yourself therapeutic work for the plant. But I do believe that plants in a certain way to respond to people and their energy, but not that they are necessarily harder to grow.”

Verlinden: “There is, indeed, said that plants grow faster if you at she speaks. I’m a huge ouwehoer and with me growing everything like an idiot, so it will be.”

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