Fact or myth: everything you wanted to know about mosquitoes

Fact or myth: everything you wanted to know about mosquitoes

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Despite earlier predictions about large numbers of mosquitoes, it seems still to fall with the nuisance this summer. But what do you do if you still have this buzzing insect in your bedroom, and are mosquitoes actually useful? put a number of propositions for entomologist Mark Lammers.

1.Despite the fact that they sting, mosquitoes very useful: fact

“This is true. Mosquitoes are the bulkvoedsel for a large number of animals such as frogs, dragonflies, salamanders, and swallows. Should it be possible to have all the mosquitoes in a blow to disappear, the whole ecosystem is disrupted hit.”

2. If you are a mosquito bites you, you should not scratch at the itch: fact

“If you have scratches, be careful not to damage the tissue in and under the skin even more. This activates the inflammatory response at the bite hear even further, making the itching more intense and more persistent.”

3. Mosquitoes come off on fresh blood: fable

“Nonsense. Fresh blood does not exist. It is known that there are large differences between people in their attractiveness to mosquitoes. This is likely to have especially with the body odour, but ‘sweet’ is usually not a good description.”

4. All mosquitoes bite: fable

“If we restrict ourselves to the so-called mosquitoes (other groups of mosquitoes, for example, the dansmuggen, stitches at all), then it is only the females that are blood sucking. The males suck only nectar from the flowers to the sugars to eat. The females have gets a blood meal necessary to have a large amount of eggs to produce.”

5. You can mosquitoes be best for you near by Deet on lubrication: fact and fable

“Deet works well for mosquitoes keep away, but not 100 percent. The best agent against mosquitoes is a physical barrier: if a mosquito is not in your body, can they also do not sting. For example, think of a mosquito net. In addition, it is known that some people have an allergic reaction on the perfumes that to Deet are added.”

6. If you are a mosquito, he can still get sick from the blood of the mosquito (as this is a disease carries with it): fable

“Nonsense. You can only get sick from a mosquito-borne disease if the saliva of the mosquito to get into the bloodstream. The skin is an excellent barrier against germs. If you can imagine that a killed mosquito on a wound the disease could transfer, but there are no demonstrable examples of well-known.”

9. Mosquitoes come to light: myth

“Most of the flying insects fly to the light, that is known. For mosquitoes, this is true. This stimulus on the behavior of the mosquito is, however, completely overshadowed by the attraction of CO2 and mensengeur. Yet people think often that the light is where the mosquito came down. That has often faced that we as humans like us with light, so that, for example, we in the evening on the terrace, still can read a book.”

10. If you’re allergic to a mosquito-bite, can be dangerous: fact

“People with an extreme allergy to mosquito bites may have a so-called anaphylactic reaction. You’ll also receive suffer from swelling and decreases blood pressure. That lowering blood pressure can be so strong that it is dangerous, but not to this degree of allergy is very rare.”

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