Fact or fable: What information on hand hygiene is correct?

Fact or fable: What information on hand hygiene is correct?

Every year there are various events organized in the spirit of hand hygiene. Upcoming Friday, organises the world health organization (WHO), the International Day of hand Hygiene, to draw attention to clean hands. What is wrong and what is not – about hand hygiene? put a number of propositions about hand hygiene to professor Andreas Voss, professor of infection prevention at the Radboud Umc.

1: “If you often use your hands to wash, you become less likely to fall ill”: fact

“You have a good time. For contact with the mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eye), for the food and the preparation thereof and after the hands are dirty become, for example, by a visit to the toilet. Another indication is after the coughing and sneezing, especially in the protection of others.”

2: “washing Hands without soap is as effective as with soap”: fable

“The regular soap has by itself no effect on micro-organisms. Soap helps to substances easier of the skin to resolve. The physical effect of soap can be enhanced by the friction to increase, for example by adding sand. In a study of Clostridium difficile was clean sand is the most effective, but not the most practical.”

3: “The use of the blazer in a toilet to get your hands drying is unhygienic”: fact and fable

“The micro-organisms of the (poorly washed) hands, and that to the device are also in the immediate vicinity is blown. When others, with dirty hands on the inside of the blazer, would also clean hands again contamineren. Therefore, although it is theoretically possible, it may not always be the case and it is certainly better than reusing a towel.”

4: “You must be at least a half a minute to wash your hands”: fact and fable

“In the standardized test methods will be hard times, but in the practice of rubbing people but around 10 seconds. Also, shorter times may have an effect, only less high.”

5: “Dry is just as important as hand washing itself”: fable

“Although a paper towel is a physical effect, the biggest effect is still the same: the rub and rinse.”

6: “A zeepblok works better than a soap dispenser”: fable

“Liquid soap from a dispenser works just as good as a block of soap, and in addition it has the advantage of not contaminated with micro-organisms which by others have been left behind. And in soap micro-organisms can survive.”

7: “On an average keyboard contains more bacteria than on your toilet seat”: fact and fable

“Although many of these studies have been done they have little meaning. There is often not looked at the type of micro-organism and the time of the breeding, as to the cleaning of the toilet seat or just above. All of these compare, such as with a smartphone, and money, are of little relevance. Everything in our environment contains micro-organisms and humans adds even more in and of itself, than that he or she is human cells.”

8: “The braces in the train or metro, you can better avoid bacteria and to prevent the”: fact

“There are paste sure of everything, and sometimes also micro-organisms that make us sick, if we with the dirty hands to our mucous membranes. For example, think of flu and colds, not only through sneezing and coughing, but also through contact with the droplets and then contact with the mucous membranes, can arise.

The disease risk seems to me to be incidentally higher due to the not hold. Just make use of and it was later your hands.”

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