Faces of Biden, the protesters in New Hampshire campaign event on Obama-era deportations

in the vicinityVideoJoe Biden dominated the latest Fox News poll of South Carolina primaries, voters

The former Vice-President Joe Biden has a clear lead in the early primary state of South Carolina, as he seeks the democratic nomination in the year 2020; Peter Doocy reports.

DOVER, N. H. – Former Vice-President Joe Biden was confronted at a Friday campaign event by a group of protesters angry about the forced deportations of undocumented immigrants during President Barack Obama’s administration.

The disorder came at the end of a campaign event in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary state of New Hampshire, where the current frontrunner in the race for the democratic presidential nomination rebuked some of his 2020 rivals for the formation of “a circular firing squad” and complained that he “always skewered by the new Democratic party.”


As the former Vice President was shaking hands and taking selfies with Fans after delivering a 30 minute speech, he was in front of protesters holding up signs that read, “Biden, we have not forgotten, 3 million deportations.” They also chanted “apologize now.”

Biden tried, briefly, to speak with one of the protesters.

A spokesman for the protesters said they belonged to the New Hampshire youth movement and added that they were allied with the Movimiento Cosecha, which describes itself as a “non-violent movement to fight for permanent protection, dignity and respect for all immigrants.”

The speaker said her name was Quincy, stated that “we are not here because we find many of Joe Biden’s actions acceptable, in terms of his record on immigration under the Obama administration.”

She added, “we need a person who is going to champion issues such as Medicare for all, free college for all, and the Green New Deal, to save the my generation lives and we do not believe Joe Biden is the person to do that.”

During the Obama administration – with Biden as Vice-President is praised by many Democrats, for the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in the year 2014, it is a criticism of liberal immigration advocates for the increase in deportations.

Biden remains the frontrunner in the democratic nomination race, but he realized his big lead in national and early-primary and caucus-voting-state polls slip in the course of the last month of the first round of primary debates, when he was cold-cocked by Sen. Kamala Harris.

The California Democrat-the breakthrough debate moment came when she criticized the recent comments from Biden spotlighting his ability to find similarities, in the 1970s, the racial segregation that senators, with whom he does not agree, and about his opposition decades ago to federally mandated school busing.


Biden told the crowd, in Dover, that “the good news is a front runner, that is a front-runner. The bad news about a front runner, everyone is behind you, you are looking for. You know what I mean.”

He e has warned his rivals that the last thing have to do with the democratic White house hopefuls, is “fall into a circular firing squad here.”

“I’m always skewered by the new democratic party, and I respect you, by the way,” he said.

He also said, he was always attacked, by some of his rivals for the discussion of his ability to work with the Republicans across the aisle, the things accomplished.

“Somehow, the idea that we are able to cooperate, the other side as naive,” he

Biden is also the goal of President Trump, he said, they “embrace these oligarchs, embraced these criminals, sticks his finger in the eyes of NATO, the single greatest Alliance we ever had. People, it is incredibly dangerous.”

And he stressed that “we have to stop this guy. We have to keep him, you need to a second term.”

The former Vice President told the audience, “I hope you’ll vote for me,” said but, if he wins the nomination, “who is our candidate, I’m going to break my neck, to ensure that they have been elected.”

The stop in Dover launched a two-day swing for Biden as he made his third trip to New Hampshire since the Start of his campaign in late April.

Hours earlier, rival Pete Buttigieg held a large rally, a few blocks away. City officials estimated that more than 800 people attended the South Bend, Indiana, the mayor of the event.

The audience was considerably larger than the one collected for Biden.

But New Hampshire attorney and former Ambassador Terry Shumaker, a top Granite State supporters, and a replacement for Biden dismissed the talk of a lack of enthusiasm for the former Vice-President.

“People come up to me on the street, and even as a Biden supporter,” he said.

Shumaker explains that most people are “interested in some of the newer names and what the fuss is about and you want to go to see you. But literally everyone I know, is still shopping. No one is buying yet.”

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