‘Facemask against luchtwegirritatie in the Netherlands is usually not needed”

‘Facemask against luchtwegirritatie in the Netherlands is usually not needed”

Masks, such as in many Asian countries are worn in the Netherlands are usually not required. Despite the fact that there are concerns about the air quality, there would be a few people who have acute problems experienced by the dust.

That writes the Volkskrant. There would be two different reasons to wear a facemask: to prevent infections, and due to irritations of the airways by fine particles.

Ent-doctor Rob van der Hulst, let the newspaper know that the air quality is much better than in China. “Perhaps some people with sensitive airways which irritations. But people who are in the average Dutch atmosphere really acutely distressed by particulate matter there are hardly any.”

The concentration of particulate matter in the Netherlands varies between 15 and 20 micrograms per cubic meter. “That is well below the standard of 25 micrograms, the world health organization (WHO). For comparison: in Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing came the annual average last year, from 60 to 70 micrograms per cubic meter.”

Prevent infections

The wearing of a facemask to prevent infection in the Netherlands, be useful, for example, in a noisy environment. “The air in aircraft cabins is often extremely dry. Therefore, drying your mucous membranes out, and they will be more susceptible to infections. And planes are getting fuller, so you’re more sniffing people in a small space,” says Van der Hulst.

Also for hay fever sufferers would mask the symptoms can relieve. “The cap also means pollen.”

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