Facebook under fire for not removing torture videos

Facebook under fire for not removing torture videos

Photo: AFP

Facebook gets fierce criticism from the UN organisation for migration for the leave of martel videos that human traffickers migrants to extort.

The UN branch of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), by the criticism in an article of The Times.

People smugglers using Facebook, according to the IOM as a platform for posting videos in which they migrants threaten and abuse. Since June would be a video show showing how Libyan gangsters migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia are exploiting.

The families of the victims were over WhatsApp approached to losgeldsommen up to $ 10,000 to pay. If not, would their loved ones be killed.

The IOM cites the testimony of a young Somali man, who says 11 months by the people smugglers being held captive. His teeth and hand are broken and he had to go with a block of concrete on his back. The smugglers asked $ 8,000 from the man.


The Times spoke to an Ethiopian man who is 15 months, held says. “They beat me with iron bars,” said the man. “They forced me 8.300 dollar to pay but that my family cannot afford.”

The IOM accuses Facebook that it is the people smugglers a free rein has left. That could Facebook so use their services to advertise.

Facebook says that the video in question in June has knowingly. The video was, according to the social network placed by a Somali journalist, and was, therefore, important if to warn people.

IOM spokesman calls it “vile nonsense” and states that the people smugglers the Somali journalist used to meet their demands public to publish.

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