‘Facebook to be unclear about buying user profiles’

‘Facebook to be unclear about buying user profiles’

Photo: Bloomberg

Facebook fills its own profiles about users with purchased information about the offline lives of its users, but would there not have to be unclear about.

Facebook buys information such as about the income of its users, restaurants they visit, and how many credit cards they have with external dataproviders. But the company is not honest about, ” says CEO Jeffrey Chester of American privacy watch dog Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) at Business Insider.

Facebook shows users since some time already a profile with what their interests might be. These interests are used by advertisers to deliver targeted advertising to offer.

Information profiles

According to CDD, is Facebook, however, unclear about where the information behind those profiles are coming from. “Facebook bundles [info] numerous different databedrijven to provide insight into an individual customer, and that individual would also have access to that bundle must have,” said Chester.

Facebook tells Business Insider that the users do not accurately inform because the purchased information has not been collected and the info also other advertisers available.

Users who do not want certain information about them is used, according to Facebook, the best thing is to contact dataproviders. It refers the company to a support page with links to six external dataproviders that will be able to unsubscribe. For Dutch users are left not available.

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