Facebook thinks that the new colored background will you post more statuses


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Facebook busy with the preparations for a video-centric future, but it also wants you to resort to the use of classic texts to express yourself.

In that extent, the company is launching a new customization feature allows you to change the background color that appears behind your status. The feature, which was first spotted by TechCrunch, and later was officially created by Facebook, gives you different colors to choose from.

Instead of the default white background of the users are accustomed to, you have the option of red, purple, yellow, orange, and variations of blue, among others. Some are even equipped with a gradient that looks significantly cooler than the other flat options.

Facebook is the rollout of colored status backgrounds over the next few weeks exclusively for Android users. They will be viewable on iOS, Android and the web.

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Earlier this year, the internal rumblings in the social network proved that the sharing of personal Facebook posts had declined 21 percent year-on-year since the mid-2015. In their place, the users were more and more posting of links to external content.

Even Facebook seemed to have lost hope in the simple text status. Instead, it was busy, encouraging users to adopt the new Live-video service — and the prioritisation of the format on the News Feed. In November, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox predicted that, by 2021 video generates 70 percent of the traffic on the platform.

The launch of an otherwise minor update, such as the colored status background shows that Facebook has not yet specified text just yet. And, who knows, maybe when Android users take to the new feature will lead to more visual customization tools in the function. To see if the playful text and drawing tools are already present on Facebook, Live Messenger, and the native camera, there is much more Facebook could do to its users, the sharing of personal messages on the flagship of the platform.

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