Facebook takes historical photos napalmmeisje’ naked

Facebook takes historical photos napalmmeisje’ naked

Photo: Nick Ut / The Associated Press

Facebook and the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten scold about an iconic war-photograph. The newspaper placed the photo in an article on Facebook, after the social network deleted.

Then put a lot of Norwegians on the photo when signing up on their own Facebook pages. Also the Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg placed the photo, and just like in Aftenposten was the photo removed. Facebook let it know that the “every picture is a tricky balancing act to determine whether the photo should be removed.”

Facebook says Friday that images of naked children is difficult to distinguish between the admissible news images and child pornography.

“We try to find the right balance between the ability for people to express themselves and a safe and respectful environment for our global community,” the American company know. “Our solutions will never be perfect, but we will try our rules, and their application to improve it.”


Facebook ordered Aftenposten Wednesday morning the iconic photo of his page. When the newspaper within a day gave in, deleted the techbedrijf own the picture and the related article. That suggested to the jaw that Facebook is a Norwegian writer blocked the offending picture on his profile had posted.

The photo of the nine year old Phan Thi Ki Phuc, naked and burns after a napalmaanval of allies of the united states on the street runs, was awarded with a pulitzer prize. The album opened the eyes of many Americans for the suffering that the war in Vietnam, to his lords.

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