Facebook rose Vietnam content limits of 500% in 2018 – report

HANOI (Reuters) – Facebook increased the amount of the contents of the restricted access in Vietnam by more than 500% in the last half of 2018, the AMERICAN social media giant said in a report, released on Friday, as the Southeast Asian country slopes are to attack online criticism.

FILE PHOTO: Stickers bearing the Facebook logo are displayed on the Facebook Inc. F8 developers conference in San Jose, California, USA, April 30, 2019. REUTERS/Stephen Lam/File Photo

The increase happened in Vietnam was the tightening of internet restrictions, culminating in a cyber security law which came into force in January of this year, which requires companies to the local offices, and storage of data in the country.

Earlier this month, Amnesty International said that almost 10% of the 128 prisoners in Vietnam for expressing dissenting views were thrown in jail for posting anti-state comments on social media platforms such as Facebook.

The website is used on a large scale in the country and serves as the main platform for e-commerce, and criticism. In January, Vietnam has accused Facebook of infringement of local laws by allowing users to post anti-government comments.

From July to December last year, Facebook’s Transparency Report said it had limited access to 1,553 messages and the three profiles in Vietnam, in comparison with only 265 these “limitations” in the first six months of 2018.

A restriction refers to a piece of content placed on Facebook, which is not visible in some countries, because it is assumed that they are in conflict with local legislation.

“There are times when we may have to restrict access to the content because it is in conflict with the law in a particular country, even if it does not violate our community standards,” a Facebook spokeswoman told Reuters.

“We publish information about the content, we limit ourselves based on the local legislation in our transparency report, and notify the person who posted the content that it is limited,” the spokeswoman said.

Facebook’s Transparency Report said it had made restrictions on the basis of the reports of Vietnam, the information and security ministries.

According to a report published on the vietnamese government website on May 7, Facebook is so far removed more than 200 messages with anti-state content in Vietnam, following takedown request from the government.

The Vietnamese government report said Hanoi has set up a working group between Facebook, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the State Bank of Vietnam, the tax and customs administration and the Ministry of Public Security to tackle outstanding issues.

According to the report of the working group is focused on three major areas: the Content violations, economic development, and taxes.

Reporting by James Pearson; Editing by Neil Fullick

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