Facebook overreacted video metrics for two years

Facebook overreacted video metrics for two years

Photo: Bloomberg

Facebook has a two-year period, the average time that users watch videos on the platform looked exaggerated, to the great dissatisfaction with the advertisers.

That has Facebook a few weeks ago announced to its advertisers, reports the Wall Street Journal on the basis of insiders.

“We have recently detected an error in the way in which we, our video metrics to calculate,” said Facebook in a statement. According to the company the issue is resolved and has no impact on the prices.

The error was caused by the fact that Facebook only kijksessies of longer than three seconds in the average meerekende. Shorter videos were not included, making the average higher was released.

The average viewing time would be 60 to 80 percent are exaggerated, would Facebook to advertising, Publicis Media have reported. That company will be bought in 2015 for approximately 77 billion dollars on ads on behalf of clients.

According to Publicis shows the error “once again” that there is an “absolute necessity” to the video metrics by a third party to check.


The error in the calculation is a considerable blunder for Facebook, that in recent years quite a bet on video. For example, users can now themselves live videos broadcasting on the platform and test the auto playing videos that and also sound to be heard.

In January the company announced to advertisers that users collectively, about 100 million hours of video per day on the social network.

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