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“We had bodies in the seats. We had nothing for them.”

A dozen current and former Facebook administrators described the filth-ridden, emotionally-distressing, high-stress work environment, where they receive little support from managers, and an extreme amount of pressure to be accurate, a tour of the never-ending firehose of vile hatred and violence against people and animals, as well as child pornography on the social network and are often left with post-traumatic stress disorder and other related disorders.

The contractor, as a part of Facebook’s army of approximately 15,000 in the content of moderators worldwide, to work for a company with the name of the level and will receive about $ 28,000 per year for the police department as part of the Mark Zuckerberg-led company has a two-year, 200 million dollar contract with the technology giant, a source told The Verge. The New Jersey-based Cognizant has a market cap of $34.6 billion and is one of the many large companies that have a digital presentation of services to the Silicon Valley players.

The ever-present social network, which has been facing criticism from all quarters for its content, presentation of errors, and the vast rules of the guides, moderators, as it is based on a contract of employment for the majority of the content of the work of the police. The moderators can be considered to be a 95 to 98 percent accuracy rate during the review of the more than 1,000 posts a week, to see if they are in breach of Facebook’s community standards.


Keith Utley, a former coast guard lieutenant commander who worked as a night shift only and the content of one of Cognizant’s of the sites in Tampa, Fla., to face the same pressure in order to meet the accuracy goal is for the deletion of content that is in violation.

On the night of the 9th of March 2018, Utley dropped on this desk. His colleagues have reportedly performed CPR, but by the time the ambulance arrived at the office complex, which is located not too far from the main road, the 42-year-old had already begun to turn blue. He died shortly after at the hospital, leaving behind his wife and two daughters.

“The stress associated with them, he or she will be in the world,” one of Utley’s managers, told The Verge. “I’ve had a lot of coaching. I’ve had a couple of times to talk to him about some of the things that he had been having problems with it. He was always worried about lay-offs.”

Utley’s death, it is one of the many horror stories that current and former administrators will be shared with The Edge, at least three, broke their non-disclosure agreements in order to do so.

The site is in Tampa, at the top of all of the disturbing video to watch, the employees reported for bed bug infestations, and saw “physical waste”, which is frequently in the workplace, witness, menstrual blood and feces are smeared on the bathroom walls and saw many of the verbal and physical offences of break, has witnessed an employee threaten to “shoot up the building in a group of people to chat to and the atmosphere was like being in a “sweatshop.”



One of the other moderator, who was interviewed by The Wall on the 23-year-old Shawn Speagle, made $15 per hour, moderate between 100 and 200 messages a day. Some of the stuff he’s told me it’s to the Point that he had to look at it: puppies thrown into a raging river, the teens smashing a marine iguana on the ground to kill it, which is lit as fireworks go of the dogs’ mouths, and off of the cat with an axe.

“The iguana was screaming and crying,” Speagle said, adding that he used to work as a volunteer at the animal shelters. “And they didn’t stop until the thing was a bloody pulp.”

Of the iguana, the post was allowed to remain on Facebook.

“For our employees who choose to work in the content of climate change mitigation, and we are transparent about the work that they do,” a Cognizant spokesperson told The Verge. “They have to be aware of the nature of the role, both before and during the application process, and for comprehensive and specific training for the work on the project.”


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, testifies before a joint hearing of the Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Capitol Hill on April 10, 2018. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A group of content moderators are employed by Cognizant, in Phoenix, Ariz., reported PTSD-like symptoms in February, as the horrific images and secondary content, which is seen as an integral part of their work. No matter how Good, is responsive to the moderators in the complaints, Facebook will continue to use a combination of artificial intelligence and human-driven judgment, a distinction must be made between what is known and what is not allowed on the platform.

“I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to work there,” KC Hopkinson, a lawyer who has been in a number of former and current employees are Informed of this, told the tech-news site. “It’s a terrible, terrible place!”


The lawyer also said that if its customers have reported any incidents on the level of the human resources department, they have been ignored, or seek revenge against them. (“We take the accusations against him, such as this very seriously,” a spokesman for the company said on Its Edge. “Cognizant is committed to creating a safe and empowering workplace.”)

In the past, Facebook has stated that the working conditions are described on this web site is accurate picture of the daily life of the majority of its employees. The tech giant is reportedly planning the launch of a new control system for the contractor’s sites, this year in May, it announced that it will increase the contractor’s pay by $3 per hour, with on-site counselors are available during all hours of operation, and the development of programmes for the contractor’s employees.

From Fox News to Facebook, and Cognizant of reactions to this story.

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