‘Facebook let Netflix and Spotify privéchats of users read”

Social network Facebook showed tech Netflix and Spotify are the private conversations of all the users with a linked account to read, without the users explicit consent had been given.

Reports that The New York Times on the basis of internal documents and interviews with fifty former Facebook employees.

The parts of the privéchats was part of an agreement between Facebook and the other companies; an appointment was also made with the Royal Bank of Canada, who also chats could understand.

The social network denies that the user data is accessed without that users permission.

A spokesman for Netflix tells that the datadeal was part of a feature from 2014, in which users through Facebook series friends could recommend. “We have at no point read”, promises the company. The feature was in 2015 again.

Facebook has similar collaborations with other techgiganten. Apple may, for example, contacts and calendar from Facebook capturing after a user is logged in, even if afterwards no consent was given.

Apple says not to be aware of special powers at Facebook. A spokesman stressed also that the data on the phones of users remain.

Amazon and Microsoft were also given data from Facebook

Amazon got the names and contact information of users forwarded by Facebook. This collaboration would soon end. The webwinkelgigant will not say how the data will be used.

Microsoft if without permission, the names and profile information of friends of users see. This information was unspecified ways used for the search engine Bing. According to Microsoft, the data is now deleted.

Facebook is under fire

Facebook is already for a longer time under fire by multiple dataschandalen. Last spring showed that databedrijf Cambridge Analytica Facebook information had been misused to psychological profiles of users, which targeted political advertising for the Trump presidential campaign was shown.

Recently, it appeared that a pr agency in the service of Facebook nepnieuws had spread about competitors of the company. The social network denies itself the command given to have.

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