Facebook is Clegg rejects break-up calls, preference is given to more regulation

BERLIN (Reuters) – Facebook fired a call for a break-up of the world’s largest social network, and other major internet companies on Monday, saying it would not address issues such as the right to privacy, the efforts to influence elections or other malicious content.

FILE PHOTO: the Logo of Facebook can be seen on the high-profile, high-tech start-ups and business leaders, the meeting, Tour-Tech,Paris, France-May 16, 2019 at the latest. REUTERS/Charles Platiau/File Photo

“Just as it is difficult to regulate the internet does not mean that policy-makers need to jump to an alternative, these companies are gone,” Nick Clegg, Facebook’s head of global policy, said in a speech on Monday, in Berlin, germany.

Facebook, who is the owner of a one-time rivals, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and it has nearly 2.4 million monthly active users, and is firmly fixed in the crotch of the regulators, and faces calls from some of the officers of the government, for the fines and penalties or force to construction.

“The internet is a necessity for competition, and the need for regulation … we want to work with governments and decision-makers, but also for the design of this type of smart regulation that encourages competition, promotes innovation and protects consumers,” Clegg said.

Last week, seven of US who are Democrats in the Senate, asked for the Trumpet of the administration to disclose the details of any possible us Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department’s antitrust investigation of Amazon, Facebook, the Alphabet, and Music.

Reuters and other outlets had reported, the agencies are gearing up to find out whether the firms are abusing their market power.

While it is large in absolute terms, Facebook’s share of the global advertising market is still “relatively small,” said Clegg.

The former British deputy prime minister, was hired in order to help cope with the global backlash against Facebook over its ill-treatment of the data of the user, and do not have enough to do in order to prevent Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Facebook was more worried last week when it said that it was the launch of a new global cryptocurrency.

The US President, Donald Trump has called for a closer look at companies like Facebook and Google, as they say, to suppress the conservative voices online, without the need for the presentation of evidence.

Clegg also said in his speech on Monday that the West should move quickly on new rules, or to refer to countries such as China and Russia, the control of the internet in the future.

“If the West do not deal with this question quickly and specifically, it may be that it is not up to us to respond. The common rules that have been created in our hemisphere, may be an example to the rest of the world,” he said.

Reporting by Emma Thomasson; Editing by Douglas Busvine and Alexander Smith

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