Facebook in appeal against the German ban on the exchange of data with WhatsApp

Facebook in appeal against the German ban on the exchange of data with WhatsApp

Photo: Bloomberg

Facebook is in appeal against the decision of the German privacy watch dog to prevent Facebook data shares with his messaging service WhatsApp.

The largest social network in the world, to find that the European privacy laws to comply. “Facebook complies with Eu data protection laws. We are going against the measure in an occupation and we will cooperate with the privacy authority in Hamburg with the aim to answer questions and any concerns.”

Facebook emphasizes that no one of the encrypted WhatsApp messages, including WhatsApp and Facebook itself. Also argues the company that it is under the Irish data protection as the European headquarters in Ireland.

The privacy watch dog of the German state of Hamburg ruled Tuesday that Facebook should immediately stop using the storage and use of data of the approximately 35 million German users of WhatsApp.

Terms of use

Facebook took over WhatsApp in February 2014 for 19 billion dollars. Until recently, the company kept the customer data of the service is strictly separated from that of the own social network. But recently, paste it in the terms and conditions of use so that exchange was possible.

The content of chats is not with Facebook shared, but WhatsApp gives other information to Facebook, such as the phone number of the user.

That change, according to the Hamburg privacy watch dog, not by the bracket. Two years ago, promised that the data of WhatsApp users will not be shared would be with Facebook. That this now happens, without explicit permission, is contrary to German privacy laws.

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