Facebook data scandal: the Social network of the security chief in the spotlight, reportedly leaving this year



Turmoil on Facebook post-Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook is in an uproar after the news broke that Cambridge Analytics harvested information of 50 million users. The chief security officer is reportedly resigning this year, while inventory decreased.

Alex you will make, Facebook’s chief security officer, who has helped in the detection of how Russia used the network for its 2016 disinformation campaign is under a spotlight and reportedly is set to resign later this year to the middle of consequences on the social network of the work with a data-mining company used by the Trump campaign.

The social network is reeling from the revelations that the data for 50 million users was harvested by Cambridge Analytica, faced with renewed scrutiny from lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, ensuring you will make the future of Facebook is in doubt.

If he does leave in August of this year, as the New York Times reports, he will, you will make would be the first high-ranking Facebook employee to deviate because the Russian disinformation controversy began.

Alex you will make, Facebook’s chief information security officer, is reportedly ready to leave the company in August.


In a statement to the Times on Monday, you will make said, “These are really challenging problems, and I have some disagreement with all my colleagues, including other managers.” On Twitter, but you will make said he was “fully involved in its work and announced that his role had changed—but not give more details.

Fox News reached Facebook for comment, but has not heard.

Despite the rumors, I am still fully engaged with my work at Facebook. It is true that my role changed. I am at this moment to spend more time with the explore emerging security risks and working at the election of the safety.

— Alex you will make (@alexstamos) March 19, 2018

According to sources in the time, you will make the day to day responsibilities are assigned to other people in December. At that point, he wanted to leave the company, but was allegedly persuaded to stay on by colleagues, who were afraid that it would look bad. You will make the supervision on the transfer of his security team to Facebook’s product and infrastructure divisions, reports the Times, and his group has increased from 120 people to three.

Meanwhile, Facebook announced in a blog post Monday that it hired a digital forensics firm to perform a full audit of Cambridge Analytica.


“This is part of a comprehensive internal and external evaluation that we perform to the accuracy of the claims that the Facebook data in question still exists,” Facebook said in the statement. “This is data Cambridge Analytica, SCL, Mr. Wylie, and Mr. Kogan certified Facebook had been destroyed. If this data still exists, it would be a serious violation of Facebook’s policies and is an unacceptable violation of the trust and the obligations of these groups.”

You will make had also recently deleted a series of Facebook PR approved tweets the defense of the company over the treatment of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal with the argument that the data-mining company does not “breach” Facebook-systems, but used only data of affiliated companies were given access to. However, the Times’ Nicole Perlroth noted, the company’s public relations department apparently did not anticipate the blowback you will make would get on Twitter.

The scandal hits at the heart of the company’s business model: make as much money as possible from the data of the 2 billion monthly users. In the wake of these revelations, the company’s stock price suffered its biggest one-day decline since September 2012 on Monday.

Fox News’ Chris Ciaccia, contributed to this report.

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