‘Facebook connect deals with record labels for music videos’

‘Facebook connect deals with record labels for music videos’

Photo: AFP

Facebook is busy closing deals with major record labels to allow users of copyrighted music in videos.

That writes the news agency Bloomberg. Representatives of the biggest social network in the world prior to the presentation of muziekawards the Grammy’s negotiated with representatives of Universal Music.

The largest provider of copyrighted music in videos is YouTube, which is owned by Facebook’s rival Google. Record labels are, however, not always to talk about how YouTube deals with copyrighted material. Facebook would be the labels promise that the piracy of hard tackles and that the ad revenue share.

A deal between Facebook and the major labels would, however, still a number of months. Bone of contention is, in addition to piracy and ad-inkomstens, also how Facebook will deal with auteursrechtenschendingen in videos that users create.

Facebook set for a number of years high on its video platform. Users see every day more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook.

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