Facebook at the end of targeted ads built with third-party data mining



How will Facebook prevent infringements in the future?

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg agrees to testify before Congress next data breach.

The fall-out from the Cambridge Analytica controversy led to Facebook for the cancellation of an advertising tool that pulled data from people who have the backgrounds, such as whether you own a home or what products you want to buy.

“We want to let advertisers know that we will be closed ner Categories,” Facebook said on Wednesday. “This product makes it possible for third party data providers to offer their targeting directly on Facebook.”

These third parties are Acxiom and Experian, who are specialized in the mining of data on AMERICAN consumers that can be rented for marketing purposes. Information about your ethnicity, marital status, whether you are the owner of a car, the nature of the purchases you make, and how much you spend on them can all be captured.

The data mining certainly sounds creepy, but it is also the legal and standard practice in the marketing world. Acxiom, for example, retrieves the information from public records, surveys, and other commercial entities who knew how to collect your data with your permission.

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Facebook decided to allow its own advertisers the power of these data brokers with her ner Categories to its ad platform. But it’s not. The company is gradually on the instrument, amid the growing backlash over the social media giant’s privacy policy.

“We believe this step, the phase-out of the next six months, will help improve the privacy of people on Facebook,” the company said.

The social media giant’s privacy practices are under the microscope since the news came in that a BRITISH political consultancy called Cambridge Analytica know to pull the personal data of 50 million Facebook users. That was with the help of a third party that surveyed Facebook users, not only by the collection of their data, but also sucking the information on their Facebook friends.

In response, Facebook is revamping its privacy practices, and Wednesday go to the end of the advertising tool is a next step. Marketers may not like the decision, even if the platform still offers a variety of tools to create targeted ads. But the social networking service is facing a growing #Deletefacebook movement, together with the threat of possible government regulations on the privacy of data, both of which could derail Facebook’s business.

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