Facebook allows users to protect profile with a physical security key

Facebook allows users to protect profile with a physical security key

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Facebook allows users will now be able to log in with a physical security key. It is therefore possible for a profile to protect it with a physical device.

Users can use the settings of the profile, under the heading of Security, such a security key set. This system is part of the tweestapsverificatie that are already present on the social network, let Facebook know.

When the key has been set, allows the user to log in once through a usb device into the usb port of a laptop or computer. Keys that the Universal 2nd Factor security key (U2F) support, such as the YubiKey, making it possible to log in via usb or near field communication (nfc).

Specific browsers

In order to make use of the security keys that Facebook users have the latest version of Google Chrome or Opera to install. The app of Facebook supports the new inlogmethode not yet.

But when users use the mobile site of the network and visit with Chrome or Opera, and when the smartphone has nfc, then the key can be used.

Facebook is the first large network that uses the nfc system, even though it is not yet widely available.

New layout privacypagina

Facebook also has a re-designed privacypagina revealed. In this way, the network setting of the online privacy easier.

The new page consists of 32 interactive guides in 44 languages and is also mobile-friendly. The privacy settings themselves have not changed, so that the possibilities for the users remain the same. The new layout should ensure that users are certain settings easier to find.

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