F1 drivers don’t share the signatures in Melbourne

Throughout the world are becoming more and more sporting events are cancelled, postponed, or finished without the public, because of the corona virus. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the latest developments.These are the most important sporting events, where a line is to be taken due to the corona virus.Corona virus · 11 minutes ago inF1, the drivers do not share the signatures of
Formula 1 fans will be sharing this weekend at the season opener in Australia will not come from fan base, and engage with them in the picture. The usual handtekeningensessie is not a interviewsessie. Also, the rest of the activities in which the fans are concerned, but also from a greater distance. In this way, the organisation and the drivers from the corona virus.Corona virus·, 21 minutes agoin this Context will only be in June of the party
In this context the City is celebrating its placement in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, for the fans around the world. The club is based in the region of Lombardia, which is heavily affected by the corona virus. Because of the fear of the spread was to have an empty stadium, played against the city. However in this Context it is a historical fact, even though with their own fans and parts. “We will celebrate in June of the party’s position and to reduce the risk that we will be able to beat,” said coach Gian Piero Gasperini, after the 3-4 victory.Corona virus-four hours ago,Barcelona refuses to go to Italy is to travel to
Barcelona will travel today to italy for the Europa League game with The club. President, Ángel Torres, the Spanish club and is due to the outbreak of the corona virus, it is not safe to stay in Italy. “What We have is the REGULAR prompt for an alternative location to play. If there is nothing in the current situation, it will change, it will be Barcelona not to go to Italy to travel,” said Torres yesterday in the interview with radio station Onda Cero.Corona virus-four hours ago, theHotel is near to the F1 circuit, close to the feline corona virus
A hotel next to the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne has been closed, after seventy years of a man was positively tested for the corona virus. On the track this weekend for the end of the new Formula 1 season will be held. According to local media, the man is infected with the COVID-19-the virus, once he is in Singapore, nigeria, Iran, and Jordan were there. The person visited the hotel at the track this past Saturday. On Sunday, it was a virus for him to be adopted. The hotel will have two weeks to dichtblijven.Corona virus-four hours ago, thecorona virus allows for a which is unique
This is the first time that there is a match in the Premier League and will have to be postponed due to the corona virus. It is unclear yet if the match between Arsenal and Manchester City are caught up to be. The club has an understanding for the fans that aren’t happy with it, that the game has been delayed. “We understand how disappointing this is for our supporters, and especially to those who have already been to Manchester have been added to this game. The tickets will be valid for the time being, that the game will be made up.”Corona virus-four hours ago, thePlayers and Arsenal are in quarantine, a duel is postponed
The competition in the Premier League between Manchester City and Arsenal will tonight not. Some of the players in the first half, Arsenal must be up for fourteen days in quarantine, because they have been in contact with Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest owner, Evangelos Marinakis, who is positive, has been tested for the corona virus. It is still unclear as to who exactly it is. Four of the members of the staff of the Arsenal were in the application. According to all that the chances were “extremely small” and that they are actually the COVID-19 is a virus, but would the club not take the risk.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:35in this Context: not a warm reception, because of the corona virus
In this context, it reached earlier in the evening, for the first time in the quarter-finals of the Champions League but the Italian club don’t want to celebrate at home. The club calls on fans due to the corona virus to be in for a very warm welcome to be sure. “In line with the government’s decision to protect the public health, we want to ask people to not have meetings in the city centre of Bergamo, Orio al Serio airport or to the Bortolotti Center in Zingonia in the event, the team will be composed of Valencia city”, as it was in the club know about it.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:30 byFootball federation FIGC has the three scenarios was found to be the case, and that the Italian league is not completed, may be used.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:21 the final of the Algarve Cup, between Italy and Germany tomorrow has been cancelled due to the corona virus. The Italian team has chosen to return to Italy in order to fly, the fact that the virus but very few options to do so.

OFFICIAL: tomorrow’s final between Italy and Germany, has been canceled to allow for the Danish National Team to return to its country, as the flight supresssion due to the COVID-19 is a virus that has limited the options available.

AvatarAuteurAlgarve CupMoment of plaatsen23:13 – march 10, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 21:41MXGP of Argentina to move because of the corona virus
Jeffrey Herlings won on the 22nd of march, will not be in action at the MXGP Grand Prix of argentina has to offer. The race in Argentina, because of the corona virus was moved to the 22nd of november. Earlier in the race, in the Italian province of Trentino, already postponed due to the outbreak of the virus.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:16Jürgen Klopp, coach of Liverpool, was against her. At a press conference asked the reporter, due to the outbreak of the corona virus, or that there is still football to be. The question was not well with the 52-year-old coach.VideoKlopp angry on a journalist following a question about the hands schuddenCoronavirus · yesterday at 20:03, PSV and FC Emmen, Willem II, sc Heerenveen and RKC Waalwijk-FC Groningen (Dutch Eredivisie) TOP Oss-FC Den Bosch (Kitchen Champion) Division) had been cancelled. In the meantime, it is clear that the match between Jong PSV eindhoven and Go Ahead Eagles this Monday night (Kitchen Champion) Division) will be played. Also, this game will have to be postponed due to the corona virus.Corona virus · yesterday at 19:12‘, Without the audience, it is our last option
The Dutch fa (KNVB) wants to matches in the Premier league would prefer to not have to finish it without the fans. The football association would like to see is that these will have to be postponed. “Without the audience, it is only as our last option, if it can be avoided, and we have no more room on the speeldagenkalender”, so as to let the CONTROL know about it.Corona virus · yesterday at 18:45 the‘Football without supporters is not much point in’
Josep Guardiola fears that the Premier League club soon people will have to be played due to the corona virus. The Manchester City manager, few in football in an empty stadium. “We have to ask ourselves, or soccer, or working without an audience. Professional football without supporters is not very useful, as we will be playing in front of them. It’s going to happen here is that we work behind closed doors come into play, and We will, of course, to the instructions of the government to monitor the health, it is, of course, the most important thing, but I don’t want to play without an audience.”Corona virus·, yesterday, 18:38The corona virus puts also a two dartstoernooien in the European Tour of the flat. The European Darts Open (27-29 mar) and the German Darts Grand Prix (11-13 april) is going to be both because it is a virus.Corona virus · yesterday at 18:17DEL immediate termination of
In Germany, there is ijshockeycompetitie (IL) is directly ended, because of the corona virus. There will be no play-offs, and more are to be completed, and there is, therefore, also did not win the championship this year.

That DEL sieht sich gezwungen, that Season 19/20 mit sofortiger Wirkung vorzeitig zu beenden, und lässt keine Playoffs play now. Es wird keinen Meister geben. That DEL folgt damit den Empfehlungen von Bundeskanzlerin angela Merkel as well as Gesundheitsminister Spahn.

AvatarAuteurDeutsche Eishockey LigaMoment of plaatsen18:00 p.m., march 10, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 17:11 the‘Olympic Games could be delayed’
In the event of an emergency, the Olympic Games, it is best to have one or two of the year may be delayed. That said Haruyuki Takahashi, a member of the organizing committee. Because of the corona virus there has been a lot of speculation about the cancellation of the Olympics this summer in Japan, Tokyo. “The IOC would be in big trouble in a cancellation of the Games,” said Takahashi at The Wall Street Journal. “The postponement is the only option, even though it looks like there is now with the Olympic Games just to be able to go.”Corona virus · yesterday at 16:33Well, the Dutch derby between Top Oss and FC Den Bosch, Friday, march 13, in the Kitchen, the Champion Division will go next week to. It is not clear yet whether the match between Jong PSV eindhoven and Go Ahead Eagles, Monday it was, however, in order to continue.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:21this weekend, no Premier-league-matches-in Noord-Brabant, because of the corona virus
The matches of PSV and FC Emmen, Willem II, Heerenveen, the netherlands (both on Saturday the 14th of march) and the RKC and FC Groningen on Sunday 15th march and will be spending the weekend not to go ahead. Once the games caught up with them, it is not yet known.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:18, Start MotoGP season is delayed by a corona virus
With the start of the new MotoGP season has been put on hold. The Grand Prix of the United States of america, on the 5th of april, was to be held, it will be moved to november 15th due to the corona virus. Been to the races in Qatar and Thailand have been postponed due to the virus.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:15 onThe football league Austria has been completely shut down. The football association there would, in principle, only the games with a viewers to organize.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:06 andAlso the men at the front in France and Portugal, behind-closed-doors
Also, the matches in the French Ligue 1 and 2, and is the largest in the Portuguese leagues will tentatively take place behind closed doors.Corona virus · yesterday at 15:25Ook in Austria, measures will be taken: LASK let it be known that it is thuisduel in the champions League against Manchester United on Thursday behind closed doors to be finished as well.

Thursday’s @EuropaLeague tie with @ManUtd will be played behind closed doors
More information to follow

AvatarAuteurLASK English🇬🇧🇺🇸Time plaatsen14:13 – march 10, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 15:07Bij Evangelos Marinakis, owner of Olympiacos Piraeus and Nottingham Forest, it is the corona virus detected. That will let him know via his Instagram channel.

#Marinakis #HealthStatement #Message

AvatarAuteurevangelos.marinakisMoment of plaatsen11:47 – march 10, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 14:54Het Albert Park Hotel, which is located a stone’s throw away from the Albert Park race Track, is temporarily closed because one of the guests of the corona virus was identified. It was only a couple of days after a rebuild. On Sunday, in Melbourne for the first Grand Prix of the new season will be held.

The Albert Park Hotel, has postponed its reopening, due to #corona virus. Dangerously close to the #AusGP.

AvatarAuteurMichael JamesMoment of plaatsen08:31 – march 10, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 14:05In the German state of Bavaria, have all of them with more than a thousand people have until the 19th of april, is prohibited. This means that, among others, the club of Bayern Munich people will be played.Corona virus · yesterday at 13:37of The Dutch fa (KNVB) to talk on Wednesday with all of the clubs in the Premier league and the Kitchen in the Champion Division of the corona virus, and the protocols and procedures of the government. Possible results of the meeting, measures to be taken: “We need to be prepared for any eventuality and to keep all our options open,” said a spokesman for the Dutch fa (KNVB).Corona virus · yesterday at 13:36 inSpanish, the sport is provisional, without the general public
The Spanish government confirms the news from earlier in the day. Over the next two speelrondes in La Liga and the Segunda Division, will be without a public to play. This is followed by a interlandperiode, and the situation will be reviewed. The measure, however, it applies to all of the sports events throughout the country.yesterday, 13:27, It is, for now, just be done with kleedkamerinterviews, and pictures of the teams in the national basketball association (NBA, MLS, NHL , and MLB. In connection with the corona virus, the locker rooms, and other stadionfaciliteiten be exclusively available to members and staff. Also, the media will be there so come along.Corona virus · yesterday at 12:57 amAnyone have a scarf or a shirt from his side, wants to buy it, you must wait a little longer. The fan shop (and secretary) of the club are closed until further notice, in connection with the corona virus.Corona virus · yesterday at 12:56 amby UCI boss ‘is sure to continue in the Giro d’Italia
UCI boss David Lappartient has concerns about the passage of the Giro d’italia due to the corona virus. “There is a potential risk of the tour not take place, and that it could also be true, however, for this year’s Tour de France. We are hoping, of course, that the two races just to be held can be made. It would be a disaster for our team as the Giro d’italia and the Tour will not be able to return.” The Giro d’italia starts on may 9.Corona virus · yesterday at 12:40 inthe stadium of Borussia Dortmund, will remain and next weekend will be empty. The Kohlenpott-the derby against Schalke 04 is due to the corona virus, without the general public was finished.Corona virus · yesterday at 11:56 amOne of the following coronamaatregel in Spain. All of the matches over the next two speelrondes in La Liga and in the Segunda Division, will be appearing finished. That proposal, the Spanish federation made to the council of ministers, who formally have to approve. That, however, seems to be a mere formality.Corona virus·, yesterday, 10:51, Also of FC Barcelona-This is a Wednesday without an audience, played out as a precaution against the spread of the corona virus. The heenduel in Italy, and ended in a 1-to-1. In Spain there are already more than 1,200 people have been infected with the virus.Corona virus·, yesterday, 10:14 inThe game between FC Basel and Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League on Thursday, has been postponed due to the corona virus. It is not yet known if a match will need to be made up.Back to top

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