Extremely quiet and incredibly close: 5 modern silent movies

Ninety years ago, the sound film for the first time. Since then drown out loud dialogue and loud explosions, the creaking habits of many bioscoopganger. Still sounds the echo of silent film in geluidscinema by. And not only in Todd Haynes’ Wonderstruck, that from this week in the halls.


Silent Movie (Mel Brooks, 1976)

The first silent movie in forty years time. With that ambition attract a Hollywood has-beens Mel, Dom and Marty the farmer in this Mel Brooks parody. Their search for actors for the film, full of blustering binnenpretjes and clumsy sterrenparades.

Brooks turns, as not only the cinema of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton in the flowers, he also explains the Hollywood of the ’70s as the silence. Happy dives than the mime Marcel Marceau to use that silence to break.

Juha (Aki Kaurismäki, 1999)

Classic silent movies from the 20 rays by their eloquent gestures often something pure, even innocent. The difference with the false melodramas of the ’50s could almost not be bigger. However, mixes the Finnish master Aki Kaurismäki that eloquent minimalism and seductive melancholy to be a silent fable about a plattelandskoppel whose life by a smooth stranger turned upside down is thrown after his sports car breaks down. Tears in silence.

The Artist (Michel Hazanavicius, 2011)

A silent French black and white film about Hollywood? Even Mel Brooks would have that idea too crazy for words. Nevertheless, this is Michel Hazanavicius and agree to the get. Its eye-catching film about how ‘silent star’ cease to exist after the advent of the talkies even got the Oscar for best film, for the first time since 1927 a silent film. If the overwhelming success of ” The Artist learns something, however, that the graceful tropes of silent film at the time of 3D and CGI have nothing of their loss of power.

Tabu (Miguel Gomes, 2012)

Although his source of inspiration as a docu-drama labeled, baptizing Miguel Gomes F. W. Murnau’s last film in a magical realistic bath. So creeps in Gomes’ silent film a hungry crocodile around that – after the eating of a suicidal explorer – the melancholic soul of his snack will be affected. Sounds ridiculous? Certainly not. Who gets lost in the two chapters of Tabu – the contemporary Lost Paradise and the historic Paradise – will soon hunger for more.

Blancanieves (Pablo Berger, 2012)

Thanks to their grotesque character of his fairy tales grateful material for silent film. That also knows Pablo Berger, who for his debut feature snow white reworked to a Spanish folktale about a young woman who in the years ’20 stierenvechtster wants to be. The magic mirror from the Grimm’s story, he shows it for what it is, but on the magic, and the dwarves beknibbelt not he happy. Maybe Bergers film called the silent mirror that reflects us in cynical times, a portion of magic shows?

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