Extreme left-wing students praise Palestinian terrorist group leader at ‘liberation’ event

Temple students from the University organized a meeting last week praised a Palestinian terrorist group.


Temple University’s Students for Justice in Palestine last week held an anti-Israel event that the recommended values of the leader of a u.s.-designated terrorist group.

SJP and the Saturday Free School for co-hosting the event, “Palestine and Black America: A Strategy for Liberation”, which highlighted the work of Ahmad Sa adat, the secretary-general of the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine, according to the Algemeiner.

SJP and the Saturday Free School for co-hosting the event, “Palestine and Black America: A Strategy for Liberation”, which highlighted the work of Ahmad Sa’adat (see photo), currently serving 30 years in an Israeli prison


Sa’adat is currently working on a 30-year sentence in an Israeli prison.

The event also praised Sa’adat’ s predecessor, George Habash, which is described in the “partition of Asia and Africa as the true driving force behind the creation of the state of Israel.”

Brandon Do, read an article he wrote that called Israel a “weapon of neo-colonialism” and said that the Palestinian Authority is actually a ” Zionist front with an Arab face, the purpose of which is to support the implementation of the activities of Israel.”


Anthony Monteiro of the Saturday Free School in comparison with Palestinian workers, the struggle to that of African-Americans in the United States.

Monteiro also shared that a member of the Communist y was one of the best decisions of his life, adding that the Jews in the Communist y were some of the best people, because they will never be Israel or the Holocaust, something he said “every Jewish fighter for peace and freedom” must meet “if you wish to exist in the 21st century.”


A participant, Samir Butt, hit on the idea that their group is often associated with extremist groups in the public eye.

“Today we see the ravages of US imperialism, the threats of Trump against the world, and the shooting of black people on the AMERICAN streets by the police…liberation struggles are criminalized and labeled as a terrorist,” he said.

During a discussion about a part of the event, a participant noted that “black America” and the Palestinians share the same enemies in the United States and Israel.

“When do we organize ourselves to fight against the Zionist strategies to recruit people of a certain color their coverage to make excuses for Zionism?” another participant asked, if she brought the example of Dumisani Washington, the Diversity Outreach Director for Christians United for Israel.

A Jewish participant, who identified himself as a “neo-Zionist” said he did not agree with their understanding of the Jewish people and said: “that’s a lot more complicated that you would want to.”

Another participant said that he did not use the word, “Israel”, because it’s not in his head. He added that they need to get their Marxist ideology and rebranding if they want to appeal to the masses.

Last year, Temple SJP paid tribute to Habash with an image that read “as long as you are still fighting in defense of your dignity and your country is occupied, everything is good,” The College Fix reported.

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