‘Explosiefiasco Samsung caused by the race against iPhone launch’

‘Explosiefiasco Samsung caused by the race against iPhone launch’

Photo: AFP

Samsung has its Galaxy Note 7 of this year accelerated to the market and suppliers of components under pressure to their material faster to deliver. ly because of this it can happen that unsafe batteries in the device were processed.

That allow sources who are familiar with the manufacturing processes of Samsung Monday against Bloomberg.

Samsung wanted to Note 7 to release before Apple iPhone 7 would be present. It was expected that the iPhone 7 a fairly minor upgrade, and Samsung wanted just to extract the relatively large changes in Note 7, such as a curved screen, irisscanner and a battery that faster could be charged.

Shortly after the appearance of the unit in ten different countries, however, were reports of batteries that can spontaneously ignite. On 2 september announced Samsung to that 2.5 million handsets sold would be replaced, and that the sale of the Note 7 until further order would be discontinued.

Samsung will not officially respond to the acceleration of the Note 7-launch. But according to the sources of Bloomberg put the smartphonetak of Samsung a lot of pressure on its main battery supplier Samsung SDI, a part of the greater Samsung conglomerate to the larger battery of 3,500 mAh to deliver quickly.


After the Note 7 on the market appeared, and reports of the explosieproblemen appeared, called engineers of the company on an internal forum to a recall. One employee called the question “offensive” and offered his own winstbonus to deliver.

Replacement copies of the Note 7 will get a battery that is not made by Samsung SDI. It is to be expected, the recall of at least a billion dollars, but delivers a serious blow for the reputation of Samsung.

Next week the new Note 7 in South Korea again in the shops. In the Netherlands, it is still not at all in the sales region. It is unclear when the smartphone will be introduced.

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