Experts doubt the treatment of babies born with 24 weeks

Experts doubt the treatment of babies born with 24 weeks

A baby after 24 weeks of pregnancy born, would not automatically should be treated.

Experts writing in Fidelity to worrying about the future of kids who have to be treated.

Now it is the rule that doctors, babies born after 24 weeks of treatment, unless parents say not to want to. Psychologist Nynke Weisglas-Kuperus and emeritus professor of pediatrics Pieter Sauer would like that doctors do not treat, unless parents explicitet to ask.

Both worked on research which showed that one in four extremely premature babies are at their second birthday in excellent health. Neonatologist Monique Rich agrees that in the newspaper.

“I have serious concerns for their further development. Certainly if a child is disabled has multiple areas it can be difficult to meet the demands of school, or later work.”

Rich, however, sees the proposal of Weisglas-Kuperus and Sauer not happen quickly. “We see children with significant restrictions, but also children who, just like others develop. That group wants to give you a chance.”

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