Experts critical of dietary requirements as books Fajah Lourens

Experts critical of dietary requirements as books Fajah Lourens

1,350 kilocalories that Fajah Lourens of My Killerbody Motivation per day eat is little. That is to say specialists in conversation with as a result of a delivery of home cooked apple pie, where Lourens was to be seen.

The actress wrote one of the best-selling books of the moment: Killerbody. In the book she talks about how to combine a diet with exercise. This month appeared on the bestseller the sequel: Killerbody 2.

To the occasion of the publication of the new book was the actress and dj Eve, home cooked apple pie on the table in the latenight talk show, home cooked apple pie. There she told them daily about 1.350 kilocalories need. If they want to lose weight, she gets in a day around 1000 calories.

Here appeared a lot of criticism. Lourens responded this week to criticism on Instagram and referred to a piece in the Metro in which researchers argue that a book can lead to an eating disorder. This was asked earlier.


“To 1,350 calories per day is really very little”, says nutritionist Astrid Postma – Smeets of the netherlands Nutrition centre. “It differs, of course, how much kilocalories a person needs. But, in an average Dutch woman with a healthy bmi is between 18.5 and 25, you would think to 2.000 instead of 1.350 kilocalories.”

Nutritionist Laura Tjon Tsu Jin agrees, but stops at the same time nuanced. “Lourens says that to 1,350 calories is what she needs, so it will be good for her. Generally, I advise people not to kilocalories to think of it, I do, I would anyway more than to 1,350 calories per day to eat.”

“Your body gives all day signals, listen to,” says nutritionist Yvet Noordermeer. “How do you feel? You have a lot of energy? You will feel healthy. If you have to 1,350 calories intake and you feel great, then that’s okay.”


“You can, in theory, without carbohydrates,” says Postma-Smeets on the criticism that Lourens’ diet low in carbohydrates contains. “But, carbohydrate-rich products contain a lot of nutrients. What is important here is variety, so the one time potatoes, couscous or rice.”

The experts say that a diet, especially to balance running. Postma-Smeets: “There should be enough vitamins and minerals, and no food would should be excluded”. Tjon Tsu Jin specifies this: “A balanced diet includes vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, fish, meat or meat substitutes and dairy products.”

As Lourens fast want to lose weight and take it to 1,000 kilocalories per day. “If you are healthy want to lose weight, you should not be in a time your diet change,” says Tjon Tsu Jin. “This should be in small steps. Noordermeer: “the faster you fall, the faster you arrive.”

“The focus in this type of diets is to have a fit body, it is not only to lose weight. This is in contrast to juice fasting or maaltijdrepen,” said Postma-Smeets.


“The recipes of My Killer Body Motivation look good,” said Tjon Tsu Jin. “I only wonder whether the quantities are sufficient, especially if you join sports. You must especially look out that your body fat is not too low, this is dangerous. This is the hormonal balance is disturbed, you get a lower resistance, you’re more tired and sometimes stops menstruation. Fat has an important function.”

The book radiates according to Noordermeer that your physical workout should be to be healthy to be. “But strength training is not as per the need. You can also get there by walking and cycling, if you but continues to move every day.”

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