Experts about stomach reduction: ‘Underestimate impact of intervention is not’

The number of maagverkleiningen the last ten years, increased significantly. Also more and more CELEBRITIES show off their new body after the surgery. But don’t underestimate what impact the intervention has, say experts.

Compare photos of Patty Brard, Annet Malherbe, or Bastiaan van Schaik a few years ago and now and see how great the physical change after a gastric. All three lost dozens of pounds and now have a totally different prevent. And they are not the only ones. The number of maagverkleiningen in the past ten years has increased enormously. Where there in 2008, but 340 of these operations were carried out, there were 11.000 in 2017.

This increase coincides with the growing number of Dutch people is too heavy. In 2017 had 48,7 percent of the Dutch people from eighteen years and older are overweight. This is more common in men than in women. Thus, 52 percent of the adult Dutch men are overweight. At 13,9 percent of the Dutch population older than eighteen years of age, there is seriously overweight. These are more often women than men.

The correct BMI

Where almost everyone ever complains about a vetrol or double chin, there is a much greater problem in people who have a gastric consider. The surgery is not just performed by anyone who is dissatisfied about their weight. The main criterion to qualify is the BMI, an index for the body weight in relation to height. This number calculates the number of kilograms per square meter body. A high BMI tends to be too high a weight. A BMI between 20 and 25 is considered healthy seen. With a BMI higher than 30, there is severe overweight or obesity.

“People should be prepared their whole life to throw,”
François van Dielen, surgeon

Who is a gastric considering, it must meet a few requirements. People with a BMI above 40 or a BMI above 35, in combination with additional diseases that are related to the obesity, are eligible. In addition, there are already several attempts have been made to fall, with the help of professionals. Occasionally a month on the diet is sufficient so long after not. “These people have prepared their whole life to throw,” explains François van Dielen, a surgeon in the obesitascentrum of the Máxima Medical Centre (MMC), off. “You will suit not only your diet but your entire lifestyle. Then there is, after all, the most health gains are achieved.”

Small amounts of food

So the patient must get used to eating smaller quantities of around eight moments on the day and have the diet a good fit. In the MMC, the patient is also linked to a physiotherapist, who helps with the sports. After the operation in the MMC sit clients for another five years in the program that the operation belongs, and they are under the control of a doctor, dietician, physiotherapist and possibly a psychologist.

Because of that great effort and requested dedication is a good screening is critical, says Van Dielen. “Can someone this way, especially the question. Therefore, the surgeon, psychologist and physiotherapist all from this moment involved.” The operation is then not the part where clients often need help, it starts then really. “Without guidance, surgery may be less successful and the results even of a temporary nature.”

Who after the surgery and yet again many sweet things to eat, can, after all, just arrive in spite of that a person small amounts eat. The surgeon has no problems with that CELEBRITIES about their surgery, tell it in the media. “As long as they have a good screening and also carry out that guidance is crucial.”

“I’ve tried everything’

Marije Whites decided five years ago to see a doctor and to inform the intervention. “I was far too fat, very simple. I had tried everything, every diet that exists, but nothing worked.” For a long time wanted Whites of the surgery, don’t even consider. “I felt that I had to do, this problem had to solve. But that did not work.” She was by her general practitioner to the hospital forwarded for screening. “There were conversations with a psychologist, an internist and the surgeon. Then I am helped.”

After the screening in the MMC receives 50 percent of the people immediately agree to the surgery. “At 25 percent comes someone first, in a preliminary phase to what behavior and eating habits to change and adapt,” says Van Dielen. “At 25 percent, we can the problems that someone has not problems and they are not eligible.” This group is then sent back to their gp with advice on what would be required to have them on the right path to help.

Whites especially liked the first year after her surgery severe. “I fell, of course, terribly off, but could also be nothing at all more food. I had to withdrawal from the sugars and of my compulsive eating.” It helped that they by the operation of a physical brake. “I was after a few bites, already full.” The hospital where Whites helped, had no after-care process. After a one-off group meeting and an appointment with a dietician, and she stood there alone.

“I need the rest of my life vitamins swallow because the intervention for the deficits can cause. My hormone levels was in the war. The first year was mainly to survive, to rebuild everything to learn. But I loved it. I had sometimes weekly purchase new clothing.” In total fell Whites 60 a kilo.

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Many health gains

Van Dielen often see highly motivated people in the hospital. “This group has already tried and has often been their whole life with obesity. They have many diets tried.” The results after the surgery is often cause for much satisfaction, to see the surgeon. “Their health is quite forward, their blood pressure improves and usually disappears their diabetes well.” Often hear he after the process of clients that they the surgery much earlier, had to do it for them. “The operation has complications, but those are much less now than years ago.”

The surgeon insists on the importance of prevention, preventing people from such a high BMI. “It is alarming that the number of obese people continues to rise, also because thereby the costs increase. But if nothing helps and tried everything, then this operation is a good solution, provided the right motivation there is.”

Now, five years later, the diet of Whites also have changed again. “Where I in the first year maybe half tartaartje at and a opscheplepel vegetables, I eat two spoons and a very tartaartje.” It requires especially a lot of floor in the proper diet, according to Whites. “I eat mainly proteins and less carbohydrates, but that does require some sorting out. But it’s all definitely been worth it.”

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