Experience of unpleasant emotions can happiness increase’

Experience of unpleasant emotions can happiness increase’

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People seem happier if they have emotions, can feel that they desire, even if it is unpleasant emotions such as anger or hatred.

That write researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

“Happiness is about more than the feel of happiness and the avoidance of pain,” says researcher Maya Tamir. “Happiness is about experiences that are meaningful and valuable, including the experience of emotions which you think are correct. All emotions can be positive in one context and negative in the other,” says Tamir.

For the research were 2.324 students interviewed from universities in the United States, Brazil, Israel, and Germany. According to Tamir was here for the first time, looked into the connection between the experience of happiness and the experience of emotions, even if that is unpleasant.

Overall happiness

icipants were asked what emotions they wanted and felt. This was then compared with how they have their ‘overall happiness’ appreciated.

Although most of the interviewees to say more pleasant and less unpleasant emotions needed to feel in their life, were they greater happiness to be experienced when the emotions that they had matched the emotions they wanted to feel.

11 percent said they would like less emotions like love and empathy to want to feel than they experienced in everyday life, and 10 percent said they would like more unpleasant emotions of wanting to feel like anger or hatred.

As an example of that last one, you might think of someone who reads about child abuse and there like more anger would feel at that time the case, says Tamir.

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