Expensive checked baggage makes for crowded handbagagerekken

The transport of baggage during a flight is expensive. The result: travelers take only handbabage giving the luggage racks in the plane is overcrowded the touch.

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More and more passengers to fly without checked baggage, a direct result of the rising check-in costs. With some airlines include this in five years ‘ time, up to 300 percent. Check-in a suitcase is sometimes even more expensive than the airline ticket. Many travelers try only with hand luggage to travel, and to find the maximum allowable limits. With overcrowded bagagebakken as a result.

On busy flights within Europe is regularly a part of the hand luggage to the hold referred, because the luggage racks else to fill it. Cabin crew picks up during the boarding of the greatest or least practical pieces of baggage, and that it is still in the hold to be transported. This is evident from survey and research by online shopping

Do you want to prevent your hand luggage to the baggage compartment is moved? Choose for a bag or a trolley with a soft scale. They are more flexible and easier to settle than cases with a hard shell. Also rolkoffers close to the maximum allowed dimensions to disappear relatively often in the well, as it turns out from the survey.

If a bag or suitcase under a seat can be placed, this will at most airlines not to the hold to be moved. The ideal dimensions for this are 45 x 46 x 20 inches – almost 30 percent smaller than the maximum allowed dimensions.

An overview of the hand – and ruimbagagerichtlijnen of a large number of airlines

Infographic bagageonderzoek (and hand luggage suitcases / laptop bags) by

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