Exitpoll election of Israel, and head-to-nekrace parties, Netanyahu and Gantz

The results of israel’s parliamentary elections promises to be a neck-to-neck race is going to be. The exitpoll shows Tuesday night that of the centrumpartij, Blue-and-White, Benny Gantz, with 34 seats, and even a little larger than the right-wing Likud of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who, according to the first poll in 33 of the seats would come out of it.

Even though it is only for a exitpoll is, it would seem that Netanyahu’s preferred majority in the parliament, you can forget it. A majority of at least 61 of the 120 seats would be needed.

The exitpolls are coming from three different Israeli tv channels. Gantz, a former general and the leader of the Blue-and-White, as said earlier, no coalition would form with the corruption, accused Netanyahu, should it come to that. The blue-and-White, and Likud need to be expected to be in the parliament to share with about ten other new parties.

In the event that both Likud and Blue-and-White, are not in a position to make its own coalition, to create the possibility of a unity government with the two parties.

Netanyahu is already more than a decade in power and therefore the longest prime minister of Israel. He still has a lot of followers, but it is not without controversy. He has been involved in several scandals; this is the will of the Israeli public affairs ministry, for example, to prosecute for fraud and corruption.

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