Exitpoll: another example of Johnson’s large majority in the British parliament

The British went on a Thursday at the board of elections for a new parliament to choose from. Prime minister, Boris Johnson, turns out wed night and a large majority have attained, and he will be on the way to Brexit plan to achieve it.

Hi there! In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the United Kingdom. The Conservatives are heading for a big win. The party of Johnson, is well over the 326 seats needed for a majority to be achieved. For the prime minister, Boris Johnson, there is a lot at stake: he wants to have a majority vote for the Brexit, by the house of Commons, to guide them, and with a large majority in the parliament, he / she can do it.

A little out of it? Read here to find out what you need to know about the elections can be held. Any questions can go to

  • The ballot boxes, locks every Friday night at 23: 00.
  • Be the first to exitpoll predicted to have a large majority in the parliament, the party of Boris Johnson.
  • The final result comes up whenever you want. 631, of the 650 seats have been distributed.
  • Jeremy Corbyn will be a party do not lead to the next set of elections.
  • Jo Swinson, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has lost her seat.

on Friday, at 06:59Het, it is now clear that the Conservatives in the election and won. The results for the 640 districts have been identified, and the party of Johnson, with 358 seats they would have won. He has had 326 seats needed for a majority in the national assembly. The Labour party’s Jeremy Corbin will have to make do with 201 seats, and there is a total of 41 lost.

Thus, to close this liveblog down. Thank you for the read and happy Friday to you!on Friday, at 06:09De Conservatives have now officially hold a majority in the house of Commons met. They have 330 seats, while 326 have a need to have the majority of to get. At 603, of the 650 districts, the votes will be counted.on Friday at 05:45We are almost there! Of, 554, and 650 of the districts, the votes will be counted and the Conservatives are at 295 members. Labour, with 105 seats in the back, followed by the Scottish National y’s 43.on Friday at 05:21Amerikaanse the president, Donald Trump sums up the situation with me.

Looking-like-a-big-win-for-Money-in-the-U. k.!

AvatarAuteurDonald J. TrumpMoment of plaatsen05:06 am – on december 13, 2019vrijdag 04:54Jo Swinson, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in her district, Dunbartonshire East, Scotland to the loss of Amy Callaghan of the Scottish National y. Callaghan was 19.672 vote, Swinson received a 19.523. We are now over the half with The scores of 399 of the 650 districts that are already well-known. The Conservatives have 210 seats to be made and the Worker 133.on Friday, at 04:48De, Uk prime minister, Boris Johnson, has its registered office in Uxbridge & London South will be able to keep. He referred to this as a ‘chance to carry out the will of the people is to be respected and thanked the British public for the right to vote in the election that we did not want to say’. Johnson was in his district, to contact the various satirical-referred candidates, as the Lord Buckethead and the Count Binface.on Friday, at 04:29Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has its headquarters in Islington, North will know to preserve it. After the results were announced, he called it a “disappointing night for Labour’, but he stressed that his party will continue to “inequalities, and oneerlijkheden in the country to recover.”

Corbyn did they know that Labor is now in a period of self-reflection as a meeting of his party to get through this, it will help you. The politician added that his party will not result, in the next election.on Friday, at 04:13 vice-president of the Democratic Unionist y (DUP), Nigel Dodds, is in his seat, lost in the district of Belfast, in the North, in the North of the island of Ireland. His seat will be taken over by the lord mayor of Belfast; John Finucane, the nationalist and Northern Irish parties Sinn Fein. At this time, the results of the 244 districts that are known, and the Conservatives are on the 117 seats, and Labour in 92.on Friday, at 03:34De the first seat for the Liberal Democrats, is in. With 109 from the results it is known, in the district of Westmorland & Lonsdale in the North of England, have chosen to be a representative of the Lib in the Ms. The Conservatives have taken the lead, and with 5 seats in it for the competition.on Friday, at 03:14Het bit of pressure in the last half an hour. At this time, the results of the 71 districts is known, and Labour with 1 seat. In the Lib, Ms Jo Swinson, have, as yet, no seats are won.on Friday, at 02:43a the coffin for the Labour: Of the seven districts, the results were announced, and three of his former Worker’s district, where other parties have won the game. Darlington and Workington are to the Conservatives has been, and Rutherglen & Hamilton West, won by the Scottish National y. In Chorley, the candidate of the Labour, however, have been won, but this is the city of Lindsay Hoyle, the Lagerhuisvoorzitter.on Friday, at 02:20 the results of the fourteen districts that are already well-known. Four of them are for the Conservatives have gone, in ten to Labor.on Friday, at 01:27 pmnews from the financial sector, on Friday, at 01:25Inmiddels in five counties, all located in the North of London, and the winners will be announced.

The next night, we’ll be in for this liveblog and to give an update on the current situation, some interesting results from the reactions of the British political divide.on Friday, at 01:19Volgens BBC News, the government has to let them know that, as the exitpoll is correct, Its Brexit ‘ plan is on Friday the 20th of december, once again to be voted on to be placed in the house of Commons.on Friday, at 01:03 pmQuestion by Lizanne: I hear from a lot of the BBC’s something else to add to the Lib in the Ms, and Labour have joined forces to try Johnson’s defeat in his district. When was the last time that an incumbent prime minister is not elected as MP, and what would happen if the prime minister is not voted out of office?

Answer: That is correct. In the Uxbridge and South London have Ali Milani (Labour) did everything in their power to win. The Lib in the Ms went on strike last week in their campaign to make way for Milani to release. In the district, the Labour of only a few hundred more votes than they would get at least 2017.

If the Candidate is successful, then this will be a historic victory. It has in fact never occurred, that of a current prime minister to lose his own constituency.

If this will happen, Johnson is under tremendous political pressure to not to act. But whether or not he will have to do it? Probably not, the prime minister also has other options to get to the house of Commons and enter the house. For example, a partijgenoot from a different district (which is virtually certain to be won by Johnson, his or her seat, giving up. Johnson is a mid-term election of a candidate. In the meantime, he will stay on as prime minister.on Friday at 00:38De first “real” victory for the Conservatives: the party is captured Blyth Valley, also in the North of England from Labour.

Blyth Valley has traditionally been a Labour area.

If there are more results like these to follow, it will be the exitpoll to the right.on Friday at 00:32Ook in Sunderland (in Northern England) and has Worker’s earnings to deal with.on Friday at 00:28De first results are in. Newcastle Central is the candidate for the Candidate with the most votes will win. In 2017, this district was won by a political party.on Friday at 00:04Voor for the real die-hards, the BBC is a tool in which for each postal code can have a look at how the votes are distributed. The results will be during the night to trickle.on Friday at 00:02De Scottish National y (SNP), according to the exitpoll at with a total of 55 seats are taken, that’s 20% more than they have been in the houses of parliament.

Leader, Nicola Sturgeon, leave a reaction on twitter, will know that the first forecast is good news for their party, but it still remains to be seen in the final result.

The Exit poll suggests, good night for @theSNP – but it’s just an exit poll, and there are many marginals, so let’s just wait and see. What it indicates is UK-wide though, it is the game. #GE19

AvatarAuteurNicola SturgeonMoment of plaatsen23:14 – december 12, 2019donderdag at 23:33a first reaction of the Johnson Family.

Thank you to everyone across our great country, who voted, who functions, who stood as candidates. We live in the greatest democracy in the world.

AvatarAuteurBoris JohnsonMoment of plaatsen23:25 – december 12, 2019donderdag at 23:30The votes will be counted. (Photo: Reuters)on Thursday at 23:29Als Labour is, indeed, a loss of 71 seats that are suffering, it is the biggest defeat for the party since the thirties of the last century. That may have to be seen as a total rejection of the stance that the party leader Jeremy Corbyn has had. The pressure is on for him to leave, it will be huge.on Thursday at 23:26the Ipsos poll, leading us to a strong victory for prime minister, Boris Johnson and the Conservative y, holds the promise of, has a pretty solid reputation. By improving the methodology of the survey, in the last few years has increased. As a rule of thumb, a exitpeiling that, within a period of fifteen seats, and the final result is considered to be very accurate.

  • 2001: a Correct prediction is a Labour majority
  • 2005: Accurate prediction is a Labour majority
  • In 2010 , Correctly predicted that no party has a majority, holds
  • 2015: Correctly predicted that the Conservatives were the largest party will have been, not that the majority would be
  • 2017: have Correctly predicted that the Conservatives were the largest, were not, and that is not a party majority would be impossible

For the next few hours, it is, as I said, will be especially interesting what the results are from the north east of England to show for it. This is traditionally a Labour stronghold, and part of the ‘Red Wall’, but it is home to many User-votes, which are not necessarily in the party are drawing to the class signature, which is Jeremy Corbyn on your own. If the Conservatives have a lot of terrain you have won, suggesting that the predictions of the exitpeiling.on Thursday at 23:24Als the exitpoll beating the Conservatives in the Midlands and the North of England, most likely seats to the route. This area, also known as “The Red Wall” as it is traditionally a Labour area.the last 23 years of the 18th Brexit the y, under the leadership of Nigel Farage, has, as expected, there are zero seats are taken. The party did not actively participate in the constituencies since the last elections is in the hands of the Conservatives. Farage has, perhaps, prevented the supporters of Brexit, divided, would be settled on by both parties.on Thursday at 23:14


AvatarAuteurConservativesMoment of plaatsen23:10 – december 12, 2019donderdag 23:10Als this exitpoll beating the Conservatives will have a majority of 86 seats in the house of Commons.

Johnson will probably get the christmas of his uittredingsakkoord and Brussels are approved by the national assembly. This would be such a huge majority should not have to be. The British will be on the 31st of January of the next year in the EU.on Thursday at 23:07Een review:

  • Another example: 368
  • Labour: 191
  • FACT: 55 pm
  • Liberal Democrats: 13
  • Plaid Cymru: 3
  • The Green y: 1
  • Brexit The y: 0
  • Other: 19

on Thursday at 23:03

Con: 368 (+51)
Lab: 191 (-71)
FACT: 55 (+20)
LDem: 13 (+1)

AvatarAuteurBritain ElectsMoment of plaatsen23:00 pm – december 12, 2019donderdag 23:03at the party of the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn will lose no less than 71 seats.on Thursday at 23:02En-the exitpoll is in. The party of the prime minister, Boris Johnson is on course for 368 seats in the national assembly. This is a very large majority, where 326 seats are needed.on Thursday at 22:52Nog a small ten-minute increments until the ballot boxes close. The excitement is building…on Thursday at 22:36Lees here’s some more background info on this exciting election.on Thursday at 22:16Nog roughly three quarters of an hour, until the ballot boxes close. At 23: 00 Dutch time, BBC, Sky News and ITV, together with an exitpoll. Research company Ipsos Mori, has to do with 30,000 British, is spoken by 144 different polling stations across the UK.Thursday, at 22:07Uk election: Voters and the Brexit all zatdonderdag 21:38Johnson still carries the pressure of a campaign.

Out campaigning in South London! The Polls close at 10pm – vote Conservative to #GetBrexitDone 🇬🇧

AvatarAuteurBoris JohnsonMoment of plaatsen21:10 – december 12, 2019donderdag 21:34the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, at a polling station. (Photo: Pro-Shots)on Thursday at 21:30am general elections in the UK, other than in the Netherlands. Altogether 3.322 people run into 650 different constituencies. In each district, for a single seat in the house of Commons.

In the Netherlands, the electoral system based on proportional representation, but it is in the UK, is a meerderheidsstelsel on a first past the post). To win in an electoral district will go to the person with the most votes wins, and the other is a case, as it were, will be lost.on Thursday at 21:10Zo there was a vote in 2017

It’s nearly time. The all-weather, the studio will still be looking good in the pouring rain. #GeneralElection2019 @BBCNews

AvatarAuteurSarah CorkerMoment of plaatsen20:25 – december 12, 2019donderdag 21:07Wat today, all of them happened.

First of all, it must be said that the British media are prohibited by law to provide details as to when the ballot boxes are opened. On the television, radio and should not even be talking about the election issues, and public opinion polls. This way, you could today is pretty much about the time of the elections.

  • The ballot boxes were opened this morning at 8: 00 pm pacific time. The attendance rate of at least 2017, of the amounts to 66,4 per cent., seems to be behind us. However, there are still no official figures are available.
  • The leaders of the political parties of today, all voted in favor. So, they voted Johnson in the heart of London. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, his voice is in the northern part of the city.
  • Just as in previous elections, the hashtag dogsatpollingstation trending on twitter. Also, Johnson had his dog, Dilyn with you to the polling station.
  • BBC News reports that a 48-year-old man has been arrested after a suspicious package was found near a polling station in North Lanarkshire.

on Thursday at 12:22Later in the day, we’ll be back with an update on the election process and, in the evening, you will have an extensive report of the exitpoll. See you then!on Thursday, at 10:42Ook comedian Ricky Gervais has cast its vote.

I just voted in my local church. Only slightly more effective than praying, probably. #GE2109

AvatarAuteurRicky GervaisMoment of plaatsen10:40 pm – december 12, 2019donderdag at 10:01 am

Politicians are servants of the people. Today, thousands of them across the UK, we are asking for your vote.
Your vote is precious; it grants the power to it and removes it.
Use it and remind them never to take it, or you, for granted. #GE2019

AvatarAuteurLarry the CatMoment of plaatsen08:31 – december 12, 2019donderdag at 09:36Het but to be clear…


AvatarAuteurJeremy CorbynMoment of plaatsen09:31 – december 12, 2019donderdag at 09:32 amPrime minister, Johnson brings out sat morning to his voice. (Photo: associated press)Thursday, 09:17 pm

Their website is still a mess, good job we have the #dogsatpollingstations #GE2109

AvatarAuteurJames BartonMoment of plaatsen09:06 – december 12, 2019Back to top

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