Exiled Iranian taekwondoka will be in Tokyo for Germany

Kimia Alizadeh hopes to be at the Olympics next summer in Tokyo, to Germany, to get out of. The 21-year-old taekwondoka, that is, in 2016, the bronze won in Rio de Janiero, escaped from the previous month, the country of her birth, Iran.

“The Olympics are the goal for every athlete,” said Alizadeh Friday, at a press conference in Luenen > > > place, very close to Dortmund, germany. “It is not clear as yet whether I have been to in Tokyo, are allowed to participate. Otherwise, I’ll see to it in a bid for the 2024 games in Paris, france.”

Alizadeh has won on the Olympic Games in 2016, and a bronze medal in the u-57 kg and this is the first Iranian woman to ever medal in the biggest sporting event in the world.

The taekwondoka was reported two weeks ago, Iran had to flee because of the “corrupt regime” in the country. “I’m one of the millions of oppressed women in Iran,” she said. Alizadeh went on, in the first instance, to the Netherlands, where she trained in Eindhoven, the netherlands, but over the weekend she decided to go with an offer to take her career to the prosecution, in Germany).

The next step is to make Alizadeh obtain a residency permit, allowing them to, in Germany, in action in Tokyo, but it is very uncertain whether all of the administrative work on time and in good order, it will come out.

“And if the nationality at the same time makes a living out it is an option,” said Musa Cicek, vice-president of the German taekwondobond. “However, we do not provide any warranties of any kind. Also, there are other athletes who, for the past four years, struggled in the Games, so there is not a free pass to Alizadeh.”

Kimia Alizadeh-fourth of her olympic gold in 2016, and the Iranian flag. (Photo: Getty Images)

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