‘Exercise during pregnancy reduces the chance of caesarean section’

‘Exercise during pregnancy reduces the chance of caesarean section’

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Women who during their pregnancy, sufficient exercise and eat healthily, run a reduced risk of 10 percent to a caesarean section.

That, say British researchers from Queen Mary University in London in BMJ. They looked at 36 previous studies among a total of 12.500 women from sixteen countries.

A caesarean section may be complications for both mother and child may incur, such as bleeding, infections or damage to the bladder (the mother) and difficulty breathing (child).

Diet advice that the women were prescribed, were of a reduced intake of sugary drinks, switching to lean varieties of dairy products and eating more vegetables and fruit.

Their exercise regime consisted of, among others, the practice of aerobics, walking, cycling on a stationary bike or work out with weights.


The results showed that a diet in combination with movement made sure that women, on average, 0,7 kilo less arrived during their pregnancy compared with other women.

“It is often thought that women should not exercise during their pregnancy because that would be bad for the baby,” says researcher Shakila Thangaratinam.

“But this is shown that is not true and that there are additional benefits, including a reduction of the number of pounds that women to arrive, have a reduced risk of diabetes during pregnancy and a reduced risk of a caesarean section.”

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