Exclusive: behind the scenes with Delvaux for Les Miniatures Belgitude

Les Miniatures Belgitude are a handsome piece of craftsmanship of Delvaux, and there heard an equally impressive movie. Watch here the making of.

Nearly sixty, she is, the famous and Brilliant handbag of the Belgian lederwarenhuis Delvaux that the accessory in 1958 for the first time produced. Reason for a party, so liked the brand, and has designed seven limited edition, miniature versions of the bag, that is designed to bring a tribute of seven Belgian cities. Although these ‘Miniatures Belgitude” but 7 x 8.5 x 5 cm measure creeps out there are considerable craftsmanship in the leather gem. Where the classic Brilliant out of 64 different pieces of leather exists, is the little sister made up a whopping 185 particles and it is therefore also almost twice as long to make a thumbnail.

To these pearls in the paint to convert chose Delvaux for a very nice video from director Jaco Van Dormael, with each edition of the mini-Brilliant to his right against a backdrop of Belgian cultural heritage. From Liege waffles to Brussels sprouts and Magritte: the film in itself is pretty impressive, but the making of is even more so worth the effort.

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